How I look after my facial skin


When it comes to skincare, I’ve always been pretty lazy. During my secondary school years, I would only use face wipes and water to cleanse at the end of the day, however my friends have always told me I’ve got really clear skin, which is a lovely compliment to receive.

I’ve never really suffered with acne or any typical teenage skin problems, however I’ve got incredibly sensitive skin. I get eczema around my jawline and also dry patches all over my face. I went to have my skin looked at by a dermatologist when I was around 16 due to a scar I had, and was told that I had rare anti-bodies in my blood which can affect my skin. Ever since being told this, I’ve taken extra care with what I put on my skin, as the last thing I want to do is trigger rashes, dry skin and redness.

I’ve experimented with brands for a while now and I’ve got one which I will swear by for the rest of my life. The skincare products by Liz Earle are my all time favourite. The first ever product I had was the Hot Cloth Cleanser, as it was a christmas gift. I used it as soon as I could and was amazed at how it lifted the make up off my skin (including those tough waterproof mascaras!) and left my skin feeling soft and smooth unlike cheap make up wipes.

Since falling in love with the brand, I’ve tried the shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, perfumes and also the other skin care products, which I absolutely love to use at the end of the day. After using the hot cloth cleanser, or an average make up remover at the end of the day, I will slap on the Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the Sooth Eye Lotion before adding a small amount of the Skin Repair Moisturiser. This little trio of products is great for post cleansing. I find this routine great a night, as it means my skin is fresh and ready for a face of make up.

Also in the morning, I like to use the Instant Boost Skin Tonic to wake up my face along with a little of the moisturiser to help my make up set that little bit more.

It has been so refreshing to finally find a brand I can stick by and trust, unlike some which leave my skin feeling dry due to high levels in alcohol. I understand that to some, the products may seem a little pricey for what they are, however I cannot recommend them enough. If you’re not sure about splashing out, it’s always good to buy a travel sized or smaller bottle to start with, and this goes with any product. A lot of the times, the experts at the counters will offer you advice, try products on you and may even give you trials to help you decide. I’ve always find it’s best to try before you buy, especially if it’s going on your skin.

Products featured in the image: Liz Earle Instant Radiance Collection, Normal / Combination £25 @ John Lewis.


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