June/July Favourites


I’m cheating a little here, and doing two in one! I received a fair amount of lovely cosmetic goodies for my birthday towards the end of June, and I’ve just purchased some bits from Sephora on my holiday last week, so I’ve blended the two months together!

‘A’ Eau De Parfum, 50ml – £65.00 – Harvey Nichols

I’ll start with the perfume. This gorgeous fruity, daytime smell is the debut fragrance by Karen Walker and is called ‘A’ (there are two others, ‘B’ and ‘C’ in the collection). I first discovered the scent when shopping with my boyfriend. I absolutely loved it and fell in love, however not so much with the price attached. I reluctantly put it down, and bought my much loved Prada ‘Candy’ instead, and told myself that I could dream about owning the Karen Walker smell! However, on my birthday my boyfriend surprised me and I was over the moon and ever so grateful that he remembered! I used it every day and even took it on holiday with me, so when I use it now, I’m reminded of the lovely sunny days in Barcelona.

Avon SuperExtend Liquid Eyeliner – £6.50 – www.avonshop.co.uk

Anyone that knows me know I’m rarely seen without a winged out eyeliner. It has been my go to look since I first became interested with make up. I’ve tried and tested many eyeliners from different brands and with different brushes. My favourite though is the ‘felt tip’ style; I’m not sure if this is to do with my love for drawing, or if it’s just what I find the easiest! I never like to spend much on eyeliners, as I get through them so fast, so this one form Avon has been a great one to try for £6.50. It stays wells and is soft to apply.

Sephora Collection – $14 (roughly £9.00) each – Sephora stores 

I’ve only ever been in Sephora once before I found it in Barcelona, and that was in 2007 on a trip to Paris, so any make up lover will understand my excitement when I saw the shop, my boyfriend however (understandably), wasn’t as impressed as I was! I remember loving the excitement of buying a couple bits and bobs from the shop and walking around with a cute little black paper bag.

I picked up these two lovely eye crayons in 04 Taupe and 22 Dark Taupe Shimmer after noticing the previous products by Laura Mercier, these however, are a cheaper alternative. You’ll be able to notice from my May Favourites that I am a fan of a brown/bronze smokey eyes, so I enjoyed trying these out. It’s great having a product that I can use all over my eyelid and also with an eyeliner at ease. These are a great product for make up beginners, and are perfect for quick application!

Bobbi Brown – ‘Natural’ Bronzing Powder – $40 (roughly £25) http://www.BobbiBrown.co.uk

I received this lovely bronzer for my birthday. It’s a lovely natural shade for my skin tone, which is fairly pale! I love putting this on and blending it out to create a nice subtly bronzed look on my cheeks. I’ve always struggled with the whole ‘contouring thing’ as my face is well, pretty round! I’ve accepted that I will never have perfectly sculpted cheekbones and to work with what I’ve got! This product is great for a first bronzer, as it is not at all a harsh shade.

Make Up For Ever – Smoky Extravagant Mascara – £18.00 – Debenhams

I picked this little gem up at Sephora as an impulse purchase! I was impressed with the brush and couldn’t resist leaving it behind. It applies beautifully and easily to the lashes, creating a wonderful ‘fanned-out’ lash look. The mascara wand really picks up every lash, even those little ones – this is a fantastic mascara if you want extended lashes with that extra bit of thickness – minus the clumps!

Lush Lip Scrub – Popcorn – £5.50 – Lush Stores 

After asking a wonderfully talented workmate who was studying make up for a bit of advice on getting soft lips, she suggested the Lush lip scrubs, so I went into store where the enthusiastic staff told me the ins and outs of the product. I wasn’t sure so waited until my holiday to purchase. The shop assistant told me to use it no more than twice a week, and I have done, followed by a generous application of cherry carmex. It’s really rescued my forever dry lips.

Benefit Brow Zings – £27 – Benefit & Maybelline Brow Drama – £4.99 – Boots

I visited the Benefit counter recently to get my eyebrows sorted! (Post possibly coming soon about that.) The lovely lady working there told me how to ‘map’ my brows and how to fill them in appropriately. I was vaguely aware of the techniques used to do this, however it was great to have an expert help me out. The Benefit Brow Zings consists of a gel and a powder, I use a combination of both with an Avon angled brush to fill them in and shape accordingly. I then set them with a few strokes of the Maybelline Brow Drama just to give them that little finish. I’ve found this the best way to fill in my brows so far, and I have ditched all my eye brow crayons since!

Benefit ‘Dream Screen’ – £? (sample!) – Benefit

I received this little sample when I purchased my brow zings, and thought I’d add it onto my favourites! I’ve been using this as a substitute as a primer in the warmer temperatures. It’s a high SPF moisturiser thats made especially for the face. It has a great matte finish and doesn’t give you that sticky shine normal sun cream does. I’ve used some light face powder over this and it’s been fantastic for those hot days when you don’t want to be dripping with foundation!


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