Make-up brushes for beginners


I remember when I first started getting into make up, brushes seemed like a tool only the professional would use. After watching countless tutorials, and searching online for products, I soon found out that brushes weren’t affordable for my 14 year old self. However, I bought my first make up brush from a market stool selling end of stock make up. It was an angled eyeliner brush and I instantly felt armed with tonnes of skill.

Since then, I’ve gained a fair amount of knowledge in how brushes can boost skill and application quality. I’ve put together 4 of my favourite brushes for beginners, and also those who want a core kit.

The first brush I will mention is the MAC 190 foundation brush. The well shapes foundation brush helps improve the coverage quality to your liquid foundation. I usually like to apply my foundation with this brush and then blend is further with another brush. It’s great for spreading the product evenly across the face. It’s also a really light brush, which makes it comfortable to hold.

The second brush is one of my all time favourites, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I cannot stress how fantastic this brush is for blending product into the skin. This is a great brush for really blending the foundation into the face and also great for adding powder on top to set the liquid product. It’s a fantastic shaped brush with a metallic grip which makes it stylish to look at. It’s also a very dense brush, meaning the product can be blended in thoroughly without leaving those brush lines on the face that a lighter brush would.

Thirdly, an angled brush can make such a difference to make up application. Not only can it be used for gel eyeliners, or adding powder along the upper and lower lash lines, but it can also be used to add product into the eyebrows and shape them. These are great for precision and making sure product is applied in a specific area or point.

The last brush is a base eye shadow brush again, by Real Techniques. Its a lovely soft brush that spreads eyeshadow nicely across the eyelid. It’s again, comfortable to hold with a really nice purple metallic grip. I also use it for blending colours into the base colour on an eyelid, meaning this brush is great for creating subtle smokey eyes.


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