August Favourites


I’m going to let you in on a secret, I am extremely excited for autumn. I absolutely love the crisp mornings, crunchy leaves, wooly jumpers and fluffy socks. Now that August has said it’s goodbye, it feels appropriate to get into the autumnal spirit. For me, August was a pretty quiet month in terms of new products; I’ve stuck to things I’ve had a while. So while this is short but sweet, I hope you enjoy this little read!

Barry M Nail Paint – Shade 273 ‘Raspberry’

The Barry M nail varnishes never disappoint me. The quality for money is absolutely outstanding, and Barry M’s ability to bring out amazing shades is fantastic. This little glass pot of pinky red goodness has been my go to shade for this month. It’s literally been the only shade I’ve worn. I absolutely love the warmth of the red with that fun hint of a dark pink. It’s a perfect shade to transition from summery brights to subtle autumn shades.

Rimmel London – Wake Me Up Foundation

I won’t lie, I’m a massive fusspot when it comes to foundation. I’m also dreadful at picking the right shade; once I picked up such a pale shade that both my boyfriend and my mum told me I look incredibly white. However, the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation has been a perfect base for me in the past month. I’ve been using the shade 200 Soft Beige, as it’s been perfect to blend into my tan shade. I’ve also found I can get away wearing it without wearing fake tan, which is always a bonus.

The coverage isn’t too heavy and it’s also light on the skin. It’s also fast drying, compared to some foundations which seem to sit on your face and make you feel like you can’t go near anything without leaving a beige imprint.

One thing I have noticed however, when in the sunlight my face was um, sparkling. It’s only subtle, and I don’t mind it, however if you’re a lover of a heavy coverage, matte foundation, then this isn’t the one for you! It’s fantastic for light to medium coverage.

Rimmel London – Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick – Shade 38

I’ve never really been much of a lipstick fanatic as for years I’ve been incredibly insecure about my small lips. However recently I’ve tried to try out some new shades to see what compliments my face the best. I first noticed this particular shade after watching a Zoella Haul.

I cannot stress the amazing finish these lipsticks give. They’re better than some of the high end ones I have tried! They’re amazing value for money and the range of colours is beautiful. I decided to pick up shade 38 which is a really pinky nude. It’s perfect to pair with my staple bronze smokey eye.

Beauty Formulas – Tea Tree Deep Cleaning Nose Pore Strips

Call me disgusting, but theres nothing more satisfying than staring at your own gunk-filled pore strip. I’ve never been that into using pore strips, but these grabbed my attention in Bodycare, especially as they were only about 99p as I remember.

These are such gently pore strips and give off an amazing tea tree scent. They also deliver amazing results for such a cheap little purchase. It’s great for keeping your pores clean!

Zoella – Scrubbing Me Softly – Smoothing Body Scrub

Body scrubs for a long time have scared me after I got a lot of it in my eye; not a nice experience. However, when had a sale on, which included the new Zoella products, I felt like it was time to give body scrubs a second try.

I was surprised by the solidness of the product when i unscrewed the lid, however, I dipped my exfoliating gloved hand in and with a bit of water, the product became softer and more spreadable. This is a lovely smelling body scrub and a little goes a long way, which is always good for the bank account.

Rimmel London- Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse – Light – Matte

Rimmel seem to have made a fortune out of me this month!

When I went on holiday in July, no matter how much sun I exposed my pale skin to, I did not tan. Not one bit. It was a bit of a let down considering I told everyone at work how bronzed I would return. So to make up for my lack of natural tan, I decided to give fake tanning another go.

I went through a little phase when I was 16, a long time ago now! I thought fake tanning was the best thing to exist and I wanted to cover myself in it. There’s some pretty interesting photos on Facebook of my orange legs and white feet – not a good look. However, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and have been able to get a pretty good technique for fake tan application.

Using a standard tanning mitt after exfoliating, this fake tan is a lovely one indeed. Even though it does have that awful biscuit smell which lingers all over your bedding, it glides on nicely over the skin and doesn’t seem to leave any streaks or patches. It also dries really fast which means you don’t have to stand around your bathroom like a sticky, vulnerable orange. It also processes nicely over night, so it’s probably best to sleep and wake up to a beautifully bronzed image!


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