Lamora 7 Piece Eye Brush Set – Review!

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When the opportunity arose to review the premium brush set by Lamora, it seemed silly not to snap it up. I had never heard of the company until now, but I’m incredibly surprised as these are some good quality brushes. Not only are the brushes cruelty free, but they’re fantastic value for money, seeing as you can buy them for just under £10 on Amazon at the moment; that’s 7 brushes for £10, making them around £1.42 each – a bargain! They are also easy to use,clean and help to create perfect eye make-up looks.


The first thing that impressed me about the brushes was the packaging. They came in a sleek little black tube and were all individually wrapped. I took each brush out of the packaging and tested for two things firstly, the softness and how dense the brushes were compared against their job. The set contains an Angled Shader, Precise Shader, Small Shader, Classic Shader, Angled Detailer, Blending Brush and a Detailed pencil.


A lot of these brushes are incredibly similar to the MAC and Sigma brushes not only in their appearance but the actual quality. As expected, the brushes used for blending are the softer and less dense brushes, as they need to be light in order to spread eyeshadow and product effectively. The Blending Brush especially reminds me of the Mac 217 blending brush, and it’s fantastic for evening out shades and also subtly spreading hard colours out of the crease.

The densest brush of them all is the small shader, which I see being perfect for adding colour underneath and on the lower lash line, especially for creating a smokey eye or a subtle eyeliner. This brush will pick up a lot of product, meaning a strong colour.

I can see myself using these on the regular, and also when I get asked to do make-up on other people. I feel confident in their quality and the results they can deliver. Ever single brush is lovely to hold and use. I am expecting these brushes to become extremely popular as the brand grows more, especially in the UK.  My favourite brush from the set is probably the Angled Detailer. This small, angled brush is great for eyebrows and eyeliner. A brush that can be used for more than one purpose is always the best.



You can purchase the brushes here on Amazon:


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