Spend Or Splurge – The Perfect Nude Nail


I’m currently sat in bed, with freshly painted nails and my favourite pyjamas on while writing this blog post – I could definitely get used to this.

I’ve been a busy bee over the past couple of days trying to get everything gathered up ready to move into my new flat. All of my make-up is boxed up, along with the majority of my beauty products. The only thing I’ve left last to pack is my big tin full of nail varnishes; so I thought, it’s time to write about something new!

When I was in secondary school, I was one of those weird girls who had brightly coloured nails. I’m talking neon pink with a contrasting yellow (painted) nail – I thought I was being really individual when really, it was just a big colour contrasted mistake. In the more recent years, I’ve toned down my favourite shades, and my go-to nail look is a nice subtle pinky nude. I love how clean and simple it is – so I’ve created the blog post to display my favourite nude nail varnish, from cheap and cheerful, to the more pricier shades.

natural collection

Natural Collection at Boots is one of the first make-up brands I was ever interested in, mainly because it was the only brand I could afford, but also as I loved the value for money. So this shade is a lovely option for those who don’t want to splash the cash on a simple nail varnish. I have to warn, that the paint itself is very thin, so you may want to layer it up for a bolder shade. The colour I selected is ‘Peach Manicure’.


Another low cost option is the MUA varnish in shade ‘Truffle Cream’. I believe this nail varnish was only £1, but I may be wrong here. This is a nice dark nude shade which would compliment darker skin tones really well. It does chip quite fast, but seeing as it’s extremely low cost, it doesn’t really matter! It’s also got a slight bronze like shimmer to it, which is only very subtle, but looks lovely in the light.


My third selection is from the matte nail collection by Barry M. Barry M one of best brands when it comes to value for money. The varnishes don’t chip too fast, and the colours are so rich. This matte nude in ‘Vanilla 332’ is a really nice matte paint which stays for a long long time on the nail. It’s been so popular that I’ve lent it to many friends.


Stepping into the pricier range, New Cid cosmetics gave away some products recently with Cosmopolitan magazine, including this lovely grey-nude. The shade is called ‘Hazelnut Ice Cream’ and usually retails for around £12. I remember being so impressed with how long this stayed on my nails without chipping one bit. It lasted a good week – and considering I’m a design student, constantly drawing, painting, etc, using my hands basically; for a nail varnish to last that long is quite something!


The shade I am currently wearing is one of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure ones, in the shade 220 Café Au Lait. This is the perfect mixture, in my opinion, of a pink and a nude. It’s a beautifully fresh colour with a really good staying power. A definite favourite of mine, and it is used at least once a month.


The final shade, and one of the more expensive options, is Sugar Daddy by Essie. This is a thin varnish, but with a couple or even three coats, creates a beautifully shiny manicure, that looks clean and modern. It’s a true classic pinky, nude – and looks fantastic even with one coat.

I hope this post has given you a little insight into a few of my favourite shades, from bargain to bigger-buy. You can tweet me @FromAHart with your favourite shades if you wish, I’d love to see them! Many thanks, and see you all soon!


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