Whats In My Bag? – Uni/Lectures Edition


Being a student is one of the most exciting and trickiest times – from my personal experience! While dealing with stresses from deadlines, demands and for many, being away from home it’s thrilling studying what you love and being surrounded by many new faces and friends. I’m starting my second year on a Design degree and I have to make sure I’m organised in order to succeed. I have created this blog post to help you guys fill your bag with essentials for Lectures.


This year I will be carrying around three books with me, yes, three. I told you I liked to be organised. The first book is the one I use for blogging. Even though a lot of my life is digitally based and organised, I have to keep a physical record to keep my brain in the right place. I use this to write down ideas for posts, details from emails from companies and I also like to thought-map ideas before writing them. It is also great to help me schedule posts alongside completing my uni work or any freelance work I do outside of my university course. I bought this notepad in my local art gallery, however you can purchase it from this link: http://www.galison.com/Vintage-Cameras-Essential-Everyday-Journal-P3864C766.aspx

The second notepad is the one I will be using to take down all of my notes. It’s a colourful, geometric patterned book with rounded edges which I absolutely love. This book was £4.50 from Paperchase, and the paper quality is fantastic. It’s also got purple margins and purple lines which makes the page look much more inviting to write on that standard jotters. It’s also got an elastic strap which stops corners bending. I will also use this book throughout my uni course to plan essays and an ideas I want to develop.

The third and final book in my little series is my personal diary. This book is form Asda, and I believe it is only about £3 or £4. In here I like to write down any appointments, where I have uni sessions and also if I need to plan when I will complete freelance work alongside my part time job. Having a diary, or a wall planner is an essential when you’re student as it helps you know where you have to be and also means you can be assured that you’re not rushing around wondering where you need to be.


Now for stationary. I actually keep different pencil cases for different sessions, as for different sessions, I need different items of stationary, however the items displayed above are the ones I use for Lectures. I like to have a range of pens and pencils to help keep my notes well presented and nice to look at. I find it really un-inspiring to look back at notes which are in one colour and messy. I like to make my neat and highlight any key points as I go. I also use this set as a ‘core kit’ for when I’m not sure what I need to take to a session, this means I’m prepared as I can be for the unknown. I like to have a range of fine liners, coloured biros, pencils, a highlighter, scissors and an eraser.


The final items are those which I have to carry absolutely everywhere with me. As a student, it’s vital you have your student ID on you at all times, sometimes you can’t get into buildings unless you have it, so I keep mine in my purse so I know I can throw it in my bag and be assured it’s in there. I also have to carry an umbrella, living in England and up north means rain is always a risk. I don’t really fancy getting myself wet and sitting in a session for 3 hours feeling ‘damp’. I also carry around a small mirror with me, mine is from Elf (but the writing has worn off from a lot of use!). Im also paranoid of the little things like having food stuck in your teeth, or if my contact lenses has moved, or I have an eyelash irritating my eye. I also am rarely without my phone. Even though I use it for emails for personal, university and my blog, I also love to keep up with social media. I also use my phone to take good quality photos of slides in lectures or presentations. This can be a great way of refreshing yourself when you come to look back through your notes or anything from other sessions.

To finish off, my bag is from Topshop and I purchased it in December 2014, but I have seen it in a few stores still. It’s a great size for fitting in notepads and pens, but for sessions where I need to be carrying around books and sketchbooks, I’ll use a bigger bag.


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