Seventeen – Falsifeye HD! Mascara – Review


A good mascara is a staple in anyone’s make-up bag. In more recent months, I have tended to stay away from lower priced mascaras, as I like to pay that little bit extra for quality. However, now I am back at uni, I need to make little cut backs here and there to be able to save money. The Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara caught my eye recently, so I thought I would give it a go!


The mascara claims to give volume and length for high definition impact. It also boasts some pretty impressive statistics on it’s packaging, such as “94% saw more definition” from a survey Seventeen carried out. Knowing it was a drugstore product, and below £10, I wasn’t expecting too much.


The wand came out of the tube with an ‘un-clogged’ and clean feel. There was a perfect amount of product on the wand that would reduce the clumps on the lashes. I applied two coats and was really impressed with how light weight the product is. It’s light and sticks to the lashes easily. It also dries really fast so make sure you get applying quickly! The mascara is fantastic for length, I wasn’t so impressed with the volume, as my lashes seemed very thin in terms of thickness, especially from a mascara that claims to improve volume.


The brush itself is the perfect size for application, it’s not too big or too small. The wand actually gets slightly thicker towards the bottom; which means your outer lashes will be the fullest ones. I think If I wanted to try and thicken the lashes, I should move the wand side to side a lot more than I did upon application.

Overall, I’m giving this mascara a 7/10. It’s easy to apply and leaves a really dark finish. It also considerably improves the length of lashes and I will continue to use it!

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