My Top 5 Student/Budget Beauty Buys


I’m settling into my second year at university and I’d like to think I’ve got a bit of experience behind me, regarding the whole ‘student lifestyle’ thing. Despite being a pretty rubbish student so far in terms of going out, I’d rather watch videos of pugs while I sit in bed with a huge bowl of ice cream; however, I have had my fair share of nights out and made some pretty funny drunken memories while at university. One thing I like to think I know a fair bit about now, is the top budget beauty buys. Let’s face it, if you’re spending your money on nights out, or clothes, or food (even all three) – there’s not a lot left for the little treat bits (although my overdraft tells me otherwise), so I’ve put together my top 5 budget beauty buys. Most of them are under a fiver too, so you wont’t have to feel too guilty about parting with your student loan.

Wether you’ve had a long day in lectures, or you’re stumbling through the door at 3am while slightly intoxicated, removing your make-up seems like the biggest chore ever. While make-up wipes aren’t the best way to remove your make-up, it’s ok for us to be lazy and use them. As tempting it may be to buy the cheap make-up wipes, I’d try to stay away from the lower priced ones and stick to the brands you know, as the super cheap make-up wipes can be filled with horrible and harsh chemicals and ingredients. I like to use the Simple ‘Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes’. If I use wipes, I also like to give my face a splash with water, just to make sure my face is clean. You can pick a packet of these wonderful wipes in Boots for just £3.25.

When my mum was buying me lots of essentials for uni last year, she included enough plasters, plastic gloves and sudocrem for me to open a small pharmacy. While at the time I was probably saying things like “oh my god mum that’s so uncool” I well and truly appreciate these little bits now. Sudocrem has become one of my favourite things in the world – it’s a bit like a duct tape of the beauty world – very versatile and can pretty much fix anything (well, not absolutely anything). Wether you’ve got too many spots from too much vodka, a lot take-aways or too many instant noodles, sudocrem will help your spots slowly disappear into non-existence. Most of my friends who are also students, are fairly prone to burns, usually from taking something boiling hot out of the microwave or when someone forgets to turn the hob off – it happens. This stuff is great for healing those burns. If you’re an acne, or eczema sufferer (like me) this stuff can work wonders on rashes and patches of spotty skin.

I’ve always rated my time management skills quite high, I usually manage to get out of bed on time for wherever I need to be, however if I skip a hair wash due to having an extra 10 minutes (hour) in bed I always turn to my trust little friend, Bella the Batiste bottle of dry shampoo. A little of this in my roots, brush it out before I leave and any bit of oil is gone! It’s also great for adding a bit of ‘umpf’ to hair that may be looking a little flat or limp.

If you’re a make-up lover, or only use a few products – a good face powder is a great beauty staple. It can brighten the skin and even out skin tone. I have always re-purchased the Rimmel Stay Matte powder as it’s incredibly affordable, and lasts a decent amount of time. So, if you’re stumbling into a seminar half an hour late because of the night before, you can make your skin seems flawless with a little bit of moisturiser and powder; and bam = you never even went out clubbing until 4am.

The final product is one I’ve reviewed before on my blog, and it’s the Seventeen Flasifeye HD mascara. The more I’ve used this, the more it’s grown on me – it’s such a fantastic mascara. I have used it everyday for the past week or so and I love how it opens up my eyes, and doesn’t make me look sleep deprived (as I usually feel it most mornings). Its great for both day time and night time use in my opinion, the more you layer it, the more intense it is!

Hopefully this has given you an insight into some little beauty must haves that don’t break the bank! Be sure to follow me on twitter @FromAHart and find me on bloglovin’!


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