Make-up Brand of The Month – Revolution


There I was, going about my day, walking through Superdrug to pick up my usual meal deal choice before returning back to uni for my afternoon session. It’s hard for me to walk into Superdrug without a little mooch around the cosmetics section and there it was, shining from a black, glossy stand was ‘Make Up Revolution’. I had seen this brand plastered all over Twitter and Instagram and had pictured it as this high-end and costly brand which you could only get in department stores – its’ safe to say I was surprised to find it in my local Superdrug! With excitement I wondered over, curious to see what the brand had to offer and what their prices were like. I was incredibly surprised to see that the collection starts from £1! Their palettes are in gorgeous black and gold packaging and well, I couldn’t resist.


I’m still growing my make-up collection, and trying to replace old favourites I’ve had to throw away due to them becoming incredibly old. I’ve never owned a colour correction palette – and I’ve always been interested in investing in one as I have quite pink cheeks naturally, which I like, but no matter what foundation I wear, they still show through. I saw the Ultra Base Corrector Palette and instantly thought of the ‘clown contour’ tutorials I’ve seen all over the web. There are 8 shades in the palette, ranging from pinks, to greens and lilacs. I’ve been using the green colour on my red-toned areas on my face and the lilac and lighter shades to brighten my skin. The formulation of these colours is a lovely creamy one – for the price, I wasn’t expecting much, but they glide onto the skin effortlessly. There is also a pearly white shade which doubles as a very shimmery highlight.


I’m a sucker for an eyeshadow palette, and there were many to chose from. I was drifting towards my usual brown shades until I noticed this more pink and purple palette. It has the perfect mix of matte and more glittery shades and they blend like a dream! I was able to create a smokey eye in about 10 minutes with this bad boy of a palette. Just looking at the colours, for me, it screams autumn as it’s full of those purple and dark shades. This is incredibly good value for money, as you get 12 shades for what I think was around £4; bargain!


The penultimate item out of my selection is the Vivid Baked Highlighter in shade ‘Peach Lights’ – I’ve been on the hunt for a subtle highlighter to use on top of my bronzer and this one caught my eye due to the amazing shine that comes off the pearly colour. I like to get a good amount of this on my finger tips and then gently dab it on top of my make-up, it adds a really nice glow to the face.


I’ve said this many, many times now – but a winged eyeliner is my everyday go to look. I’ve tried probably every single liquid eyeliner pen in boots, so I had to try out the one by Revolution. First of all, it’s doubled ended! 2 eyeliners in one! It’s also incredibly black and stays black – there’s none of this fading business going on here. I’ve been raving about this eyeliner to pretty much everyone, so  now it’s my turn to rave about it on here! I definitely recommend this pen, the thicker end is great for building a thicker line while the thinner line is great for creating a neat line along the upper lash line.

I hope you can all see why I consider Make Up Revolution to be my current favourite brand! Make sure to check them out when you next pop out to buy make-up.


4 thoughts on “Make-up Brand of The Month – Revolution”

  1. You will not be disappointed in that highlighter it is absolutely gorgeous! I own the golden lights one and a light dusting on the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose will look beautiful! Enjoy your products x



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