My Autumn Pampering Must Haves

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I’m not sure if it’s because it’s getting darker earlier, or because I know the ‘christmassy’ months are approaching, but there’s something about autumn that makes me feel all cosy. Sometimes, if I’ve had a busy few days and I feel like I need a bit of TLC, I will give myself a little pamper session. Usually, my ‘pamper sessions’ resemble me trying not to smudge my nails while applying some sort of face mask; probably the exact opposite of your luxury spa, but I still enjoy myself! I’ve decided to put together my Autumn Pampering Must-Haves.

One of the first things to take a battering from the temperature drop is my hair. For some reason, it really doesn’t like the cold weather and rain. In protest, my hair will go frizzy and will overall be an absolute knotted nightmare. I’ve tried plenty of conditioners and hair masks, and I fancied something different. That’s when ‘American Cream’ by Lush caught my eye. The product is a hair conditioner with a very pleasant and subtle vanilla smell. Normally my hair feels very frizzy after it’s been washed and dried, but after using American Cream it’s exceptionally soft and frizz-free. I’ll definitely be buying the biggest bottle possible when I can!

Since moving to uni, and only having a shower, I’ve missed warm bubble baths a lot, so I’ve had to compromise! Due to the lack of bubble baths going on, I decided to become a shower gel hoarder. I really am a nightmare when it comes to shower gels, especially when they’re on offer. I actually have a small box in my bathroom dedicated to my little collection. The recent additions to the collection are ‘Snow Fairy’ by Lush and the Yes To grapefruit and apple paraben-free shower gel. I probably mention this a lot now, and you all probably know, but my skin definitely has a mind of it’s own – its the most sensitive thing ever, so shower gels that use natural ingredients and are paraben-free automatically appeal to me. The Yes To range is one I have only heard of recently, and I absolutely love what they stand for. Their range of different fruit/vegetable infused products is so different and exciting. The shower gel is very gentle and the smell isn’t too strong, so you’re not left smelling like a fruit salad afterwards.

The Lush Snow Fairy shower gel is a Limited Edition favourite. Being available around the autumn/winter period only, it seemed like a no-brainer to put this in my basket. I love that this stuff smells like jelly babies, is pink, and sparkles too – what more could I want?

A shampoo I’ve been using religiously over the past few weeks is the Dove Hair Therapy nourishing oil care shampoo. I love how the Dove hair products smell, they leave the hair smelling fresh and clean. This shampoo in particular leaves my hair feeling so smooth, especially when paired with the American Cream conditioner! It’s definitely one of my favourite shampoos and with it being incredibly affordable, it means you can have the salon feel at home. I’d thoroughly recommend this shampoo if your hair suffers with split ends or general dryness.

After I’ve washed my hair, moisturised and got into my cosy pyjamas, I love to paint my nails. I was recently sent a lovely little package from Models Own to review over for Charee Magazine (see link in my sidebar for details!) and one of the few they sent me was the shade ‘Sweet Sherry’ which is a very autumnal brown infused red. I’ve never owned or worn a colour like this before, and I love how different and unusual it is. These varnishes give off a phenomenal shine too, so much so, that I don’t even need a top coat.

I hope this has given you an insight into some of my favourite relaxation/pamper products. Let me know what you think on twitter! @FromAHart


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