An Incredibly Simple Halloween Look


I’ll put my hands up and say it now, but Halloween never particularly excites me until the very, very end of the month – and that’s only if I have plans! In the weeks rolling up, you won’t see me calving pumpkins and planning every single inch of a potential costume. I usually think of something last minute and go ‘yeah, that will do’ and run to Poundland to find something. That’s why I’ve created this! The Lazy-Lady’s Halloween look. I used some of the most ridiculous products to create this, so you don’t need to worry about faffing around buying face paints and fake blood.

When you don’t have white foundation or powder what do you use? Sudocrem and highlight. I know it’s a very bad mix of products, but for one night – it’ll do right? It sounds ridiculous suggesting this, but I used a little Sudocrem on my face to make it as white as I could. I then used my Make Up Revolution baked highlight in my T zone. I used a little of my normal powder (which is pretty pale) to set it.

In my eyebrows and on my eyelids, I used a black eyeshadow from a Collection palette. I used a small angled brush to really shape my brows and make them appear quite dramatic. I then took quite a large, fluffy eyeshadow brush and patted a small amount of product messily over my eyelid and also in my lower lash line. I used the same brush and eyeshadow to create my black contour-lines. Just as you would with bronzer, I blended an amount below my cheekbones to make me face look defined. I used a Make Up For Ever mascara, but you can use which ever one, or even false lashes.

My red lips are No7 310 Foxy Lady which I applied with a small brush and then created three ‘dripping lines’ at the side of my lip.

That’s it. That’s literally it. Sudocrem, highlight, powder, black eyeshadow, mascara and some lipstick. This look can easily be transformed into a zombie one, a vampire or even anything. You could also use it as a base, or a starting point for your own halloween looks. But for now, there’s a very simple look for those of you who may be worrying last minute! Happy Halloween 🙂


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