Here’s where I stand with Make Up Revolution…


Ever since the makeup brand Make Up Revolution launched in 2014, there has been a slight apprehension towards the brand by many makeup fans and makeup artists. Is this a brand churning out copies and fakes of our high end favourites? Or is it making makeup affordable to those with lower incomes? Here’s what I have to say about the brand.

Not so long ago, I reviewed Make Up Revolution as my favourite brand of the month. I was impressed with the value for money, however I was (somehow) naive to the blatant copying going on. It’s only when I started noticing people on Twitter, and other social media outlets, slating the brand for making its money by copying other famous brands. For example, the Urban Decay Naked palettes, a favourite fanned over by many, has been created into a £4 dupe by the brand.

Here’s where I stand. In my opinion there is a fine line between trends and copying. When contouring became a craze, every brand leaped to flaunt their palettes, wether they were old or new. Drugstore brands would create cheaper alternatives for those who couldn’t afford products from high end brands, e.g. Sleek made an outstanding contour palette, similar to the ones created by Nars.

As a student, and with little money, when it comes to makeup I simply cannot afford to splash out. I’d love to one day boast a collection with only the best products from the best brands, however in my current position, this is not possible. In my opinion, Make Up Revolution is creating cheaper alternatives, and in the brand’s defence, they mark a lot of their products as dupes. Famous value brand MUA also have done a similar thing in the past.

I really am in two minds, however I am more for the brand than against. I understand that work should not be copied, as a graphic design student I would be horrified if in the future another designer would copy my work and claim it as their own. However regarding makeup, there is a lot of similarity between brands, and if there is a cheaper version of a more expensive product, those with a lower amount of disposable income, myself for example, will simply go for the cheaper product, even though a lot of us would only dream of affording a luxury brand. For those getting into makeup, or for those who do not see makeup as a hobby, its a cheap way of getting the basics and products that may be wanted. Yes the brand may be lacking in originality, but it’s affordable and a lower quality alternative. I don’t agree with the brand 100%, but it means I can access make up on my budget.


2 thoughts on “Here’s where I stand with Make Up Revolution…”

  1. Some great points raised here, I definitely agree with you. On the other hand, brands which do charge more for their palettes doesn’t always mean that their products are much better, most of the time they are just packaged in a better way! I don’t know if it’s just me but brands are charging extortionate amounts for their palettes recently which is why I think Make Up Revolution have been doing so well, I definitely think they are a rest alternative to the higher end brands!

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  2. I don’t think its our business as consumers to boycott a brand because it makes doubles. Every brand copies and makeup rev is not the only brand to make dupes. What they have done is simple supply and demand to people who want but can’t afford. We should leave all the business drama to the brands and focus on buying stuff suitable for our wallets. If you can afford the expensive stuff go for it, if not makeup rev is your option. great post hun x

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