October Favourites


First of all, where on earth did October go? Last time I checked it was September and I was settling into my second year of uni. We’re slowly stepping out of autumn and entering winter and this season for me has been all about hygge. Never heard of that word? I hadn’t either, but apparently it means “Sitting by the fire on a cold night, wearing a woolly jumper, while drinking mulled wine and stroking a dog – probably surrounded by candles.” (BBC News, 2015). Putting it into my own terms, Autumn has been about having bubble baths (or hot showers in my case, as I don’t have a bath in my flat), using lots of nice moisturisers and wearing onesies while feeling as snug as I can. I’ve tried to focus a lot more on pampering products, rather than make up, to create the ultimate formula for feeling cosy. Here’s my favourites I’ve collected for this month!


I did a blog post previously this month about my autumn pampering must haves. In this post, I mentioned ‘Snow Fairy’ by Lush; a shimmery pink shower gel that has the scent of a sweet shop. It’s a smooth and silky feeling gel which feels incredible on the skin. With this product being available only in the festive months, I’ve decided that I’m going to stock up on this when I can! It leaves a gentle scent which you can smell on yourself even after the shower, which is rare for a lot of gels. You could probably use this gel as a bubble bath too. I highly recommend this shower gel to those who haven’t tried it yet – you will become addicted.


Sticking to the showering-theme, the Dove hair therapy hair range has been one of my go-to brands for a while now, however I’ve been using the Damage Solutions Intensive Repair conditioner for just over a month and I really notice a difference after I’ve blow dried. It leaves my hair feeling silky and almost as good as you can get at the salon. This conditioner is great for me, as it takes a lot of blow drying to get my hair dry, this conditioner plus heat protectant is my duo at the moment for keeping my hair smooth and protected from heat.


Now I know I’m at least a few years late with this one, and I’m not quite sure how, but I’m obsessed with my beauty blending sponge from brand B – at Superdrug. I’ve seen make up artists rave about them for a while, however, ever since a lady on the Clinique counter told me to steer away from sponges, as they can absorb a lot of product, I’ve tended to drift away from sponges and stick to brushes. I can proudly say that I’ve been converted to the world of the beauty blender and I am in love. This little tear drop shaped sponge makes applying liquid foundation a dream. The only downer is cleaning it. No matter how much shampoo or soap I use, I can never get it entirely clean, I’ve also accidentally dug my nails into it drying to get make up out! Other than that, it’s a beauty to use!


Towards the start of the month, I noticed my skin was starting to look a little dull and tired, so I reached for my Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. I started using this towards the end of October and I love how fresh it makes my skin feel, and how it almost wakes it up. It’s a fantastic product to use after washing and cleansing your face. It’s helped keep my skin clear after a bit of a breakout I had at the start of the month – I highly suggest this product if you have sensitive skin too, as these products are fantastic for sensitive skin types.


The final product on my list this month is Collection’s Speedy Highlight in shade ’01 – Pearl Sheen’. This is a gorgeous creamy highlight stick that adds a radiant glow to the cheekbones. I’ve found the best way to use this highlight is to apply it to my hand and then apply it into my cheekbones with a brush. It’s fantastic for a drugstore product, especially as it was under £5. I highly recommend!


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