A Dry Hair Miracle


The morning after a night out, my hair usually has the typical ‘party smell’ – you all know what I mean. It’s also usually knotted and dry from the styling and amount of hairspray that was coated on it less than 12 hours ago. While it may look good during the night, it’s another story when you wake up with a mane to tame. Recently, while battling tiredness, I took to the shops to find a remedy for my dried-out hair, and I succeeded.

I have been searching for a deep conditioning hair mask for a while, and while exploring the hair care aisles in Wilko, I came across a wonderful half price offer on the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise range. The metallic bottles shone down to me and sparkled in the store light. It’s gold, it’s shiny, it smells good – what’s not to love? The products target different hair problems, I however picked up the shampoo and conditioner for ‘very dry, rebellious hair’. Not quite sure how hair can be dry and rebellious at the same time, but let’s go with it, because it sounds cool.

Before I used it, I did wonder if it was just standard shampoo and conditioner in a fancy bottle, but oh boy was I wrong. These hair products have the most smooth texture and delicious smell. I really felt like the shampoo was cleaning my hair thoroughly, but not stripping it too much. I left the conditioner in for a while and it left my hair feeling incredibly silky. I was over the moon with the results I achieved with two £3 bottles of hair product. If you blow dry your hair, remember to spray or apply heat protectant to make sure your hair doesn’t become damaged from the heat. These products made my hair a dream to dry and brush after.


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