#ManicureMonday with Elegant Touch


Gone are the days of sitting and waiting for your nail varnish to dry and the intense fear of smudging it during the drying process.

I was pleasantly surprised when during my shift at work, a lady brought a spray can of Elegant Touch’s ‘Rapid Dry For Nails’ to my till. I was incredibly surprised that I hadn’t come across this before. I am incredibly inpatient when it comes to painting my nails. I usually do it before bed so I don’t have to wait around for them to dry! I decided that I’d test this out on my busiest day of my week…probably not one of my wisest ideas, but what’s an honest review without the honesty?

So I’ve finished uni and I have an hour to get food and write, take photos and edit this very blog post before traveling for an appointment and then afterwards I’m meeting my mum for food; it’s a packed day, especially for a Monday. I wouldn’t usually plan a manicure part way through the day, but I like a challenge.



The grey skies and cold temperatures inspired me to create a winter look on my nails using Barry M’s 297 blue glitter and Collection’s 23 baby blue. I placed two coats of each varnish with a spray in between. My first impressions of the spray was that it removed a lot of the shine from the varnish, however this was as I held the product too close to my nails.

On my second coat of varnish, I knew not to spray so close. It dried both coats of varnish very quickly and left my cuticles feeling incredibly moisturised due to the included Vitamin E! The spray did struggle to dry through the thickness of the glittery nail varnish, however it definitely speeded up the tedious process. The spay itself claims to dry nail polish in 60 seconds, which I would say is accurate for touch dry, however for them to be dry enough for you to feel confident about no scratching them during their drying process, I would say it takes more of a two minute time period; which is still incredibly speedy for nail varnish and for two coats.

Overall, it’s an 8/10. I picked up my bottle form Superdrug for roughly £3, which is an incredible price for such a well known brand. It’s a fantastic product for girls on the go and for us lazy girls!


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