Origins Clear Improvement Mask – First Impressions


So it’s been Christmas, and there has been food. When it comes to eating badly, it doesn’t only affect my waistline, but also my skin. It’s obvious when I’m not doing too well with my diet when my skin suffers from breakouts. I’m expecting over the next few weeks to pay for my chocolate, cheese and carb binges in the form of spots and dry patches. However, I’m getting in there early and battling it all away with my Origins clear improvement active charcoal mask.



I first came across this product while watching a Zoella blog, where she had this spread across her face. I had never seen a face mask so dark in colour before and it really interested me!

Origins have a fantastic reputation, in my opinion, for providing amazingly high quality products. I truly believe that the price you pay reflects in the outcomes of usage of the product.




I always suffer with blackheads, and the mask claims to clear pores and give skin a “sigh of relief”. It sold itself to me right there.

The mask only took a few minutes to dry onto my face, and i felt like i had 60 botox injections in my face as I couldn’t move a muscle! Perhaps I overdid it…but in a way it was quite satisfying as I knew the product was working it’s magic.

I left the mask on for around 5-10 minutes before washing it off. The solidified product came off easily, and I wasn’t ferociously rubbing my skin trying to get it off.

My skin felt immaculately polished and pampered and very soft. I also thought my skin looked a lot cleaner and fresher, however this may be a placebo effect!

The product suggests to be used once a week or as often as needed – I shall probably continue to use this once a week due to the feeling of my skin after usage. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a high end face mask that delivers visible results.





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