Spend or Splurge? – Battle of the Liquid Eyeliners


Liquid eyeliners are products which are notorious for making a lot of us ladies want to tear our hair out. Sometimes they dry out too fast, sometimes they won’t stay and other times they just don’t agree with our technique of choice!

Being a big fan of liquid eyeliner, I have tried out a good few and it’s surprising how a product can differ depending on the brand and price. When it comes to makeup, not all of us can afford to splash out, and if we can, it’s usually the odd treat. I’ve decided to put together a high, medium and low price liner into a mini battle against each other. So if you’re looking to save a bit of money, or are just interested in the difference in quality, keep reading!

Benefit Push Up Liner.

I remember a lot of hype around this product. When I went to get my eyebrows done at a Benefit counter, the makeup artist used the product on me, and told me that it was tricky to get used to, but the results were amazing. I must say, when she showed me the finished liner, I wasn’t insanely impressed, it just seemed like normal liquid eyeliner finish.

What makes this liner different from the others is it’s unique tip. It’s dramatically slanted and has 2 different edges to it. It also works by twisting the product upwards. The tip is unique and can be strange to get used to. However, the liner has intense staying power. It retails for £18.50

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner.

At £16 this is in the pricier section of the medium price range. Unlike the other two eyeliners that are discussed in this post, this liner is a ‘pot and brush’ liner, and reminds me of the first ones I ever tried! I have raved about this eyeliner constantly, as I get on with it very well. It can be tricky to transition into this method of application though if you are used to a pen applicator or pencil liners.

Revolution Awesome Double Flick Liquid Liner

An absolute steal at £3.50, and with that you get two liners, a thicker pen on one end and a thinner one on the other. This is another liner which I have spoken highly of due to it’s value for money.



(***revolution and make up for ever wrong way round!! sorry!***)


Don’t forget to twist this product before applying! I found it tricky to get the right amount, I ended up either dispensing too much or too little. I also found it hard to get a perfect ‘wing’ with this liner, as it seemed to wing out into a faded/patchy line.

Make up for Ever:

This liner is incredibly dense in colour and glides very easily across the skin without any tugging.


The colour is a great black and it’s nice to have the options of a thin line or a thick line. Both glide on well again and with ease.




There was a slight budge of colour with the smudge, otherwise, it stayed put well.

Make up for Ever:

Oops! This eyeliner takes a long time to dry, it smudged!


As this product is the fastest to apply, there was no smudging!


eyelinerblog4 copy


Oh dear, definitely does not like the water!

Make up for Ever:

The product advertises itself as waterproof, and it proves that well! Not any movement or fading what so ever.


Well..for £3.50 you cant exactly complain that it fades a little, still, it’s not too bad!

So for me, the winner is Make Up For Ever’s aqua liner, followed by Revolution and Benefit. Who’d have thought the most expensive product turned out to be not as great as I had been told? Let me know what you guys think over on twitter @FromAHart or in the comments below.


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