Current skincare favourites


One of my new year’s resolutions was to up my skincare game as I’ve usually stuck to the same moisturiser and cleanser for months and months! It was time to get some variety into my skincare routine and to try out some new products to wake my skin up, especially as my dry skin does not like the cold weather.



One of my favourite products which I use once a week is the Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask. I’ve previously raved about this product in this post >> This is a thick textured mask which leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleaned and fresh. It’s a fantastic product which I cannot recommend enough.



To remove my make up, I’ll usually use Garnier’s Micellar water, however I try to use my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser where I can. I’ve sworn by this product for years now after being introduced to it by my auntie. This stuff works wonders, and I mean it. It’s beautiful soft and sleek formulation leaves your skin feeling refreshed and make up free. This stuff removes pretty much every trace of makeup, and can be used at the start and the end of the day. Using this at night gives my skin a perfect base for make up the next morning.



I’ve never really been one for eye lotions, I have used a very cheap cucumber-based gel from Boots own range before, but other than that, it’s never been a vital step in my skincare routine. I’ve found myself using the Eye Lotion by Liz Earle a lot recently, and it really helps to wake up my eyes in the morning. I place a small amount on a cotton disc and place on top of my closed eye. This gives my eyes a little boost and helps to remove those annoying dark circles.



It’s really important to have a moisturiser which matches your skin like two pieces in a jigsaw. Everyone has different skin types, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of products out there at a range of budgets to suit these skin types. I’ve sworn by Garnier’s Intense Care moisturiser however I’ve recently discovered a new favourite by Kiko, and it’s the Instant Perfection soothing and distressing fluid. This product acts more as a primer for me, but it’s got such a fantastic formulation which provides an excellent base for make up while moisturising and caring for the skin. It’s also got an amazing smell and comes in such sleek packaging. As I remember, this product was very reasonably priced when I visited the new store in Meadowhall.

It’s rare that I use these in one go, I use different combinations for different days or nights and I’ll also pop in the odd different product here and there, but that is my skincare routine foundation! Let me know what you think and if you love any of the products mentioned in either a comment below or over on twitter, @FromAHart.


4 thoughts on “Current skincare favourites”

  1. I love liz earle 🙂 I have combination skin so the deep cleansing mask works wonders! I’ll have to give the hot cloth cleanser a go when my body shop one runs out 🙂 do you use it to remove eye make up?

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