BIG January/February Favourites



Welcome to my first favourites of 2016! I’ve got a little explaining to do…I know I’ve been incredibly slacking with my blog. University life is tricky and having a blog alongside can sometimes seem impossible, I am determined to make it work though!

I thought I would merge January and February’s favourites into one big post, as to me, January whizzed right past before my eyes. I’ve been lucky enough to test out products I’ve received over christmas and also some little bits I’ve picked up here and there.




My first product is the Soap and Glory Clean on Me shower cream. I adore the Soap and Glory products and their unique scent and wonderful packaging. This beast of a bottle sits proudly in my shower and I love the pump feature, it makes it easy to use in the shower – it’s the little things! This shower cream leaves me skin feeling incredibly soft. It’s literally like I’ve dipped myself into a giant pool of body butter. It leaves me feeling clean and moisturised. Such a good product to use in the mornings when you’re feeling a bit rubbish!




I haven’t experimented with mascaras for a while, so I thought I would go back to an old favourite for a while. The Boujrois Volume Clubbing Mascara has a name which makes me cringe slightly, however the product is quite spectacular. This mascara gives some crazy length and volume. It’s also got immense staying power and is blacker than black – it pretty much ticks all the boxes. I rate it as high as some of my favourite high end products, and it’s under a tenner.




Priming products have always been a mystery to me – they’re something I don’t know too much about. I usually just pick one and hope for the best. It’s only a recent thing for me. However, Barry M recently caught my eye with their colour correcting primer. I’ve got quite pink cheeks naturally, which I’m not too keen on!! This primer calms it down a bit and makes my foundation look a lot more expensive. It also helps it stay on that little bit longer. It does look a bit gross, I won’t lie – there’s nothing really attractive about a lump of green liquid on the back of your hand pre-application!




I’ve recently tried to educate myself further into the contouring world, and I am now the proud owner of two Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes, however I am still a high street girl at heart, especially being a student; I love finding cheaper alternatives! The collection highlight and contour palette is a fantastic duo which I have been using everyday for both months now. The only downfall this product has is that it only comes in one shade!! Not particular fair for girls with very light and darker skin tones. The contour a tad too dark for me, but with blending, it works well for me. I’d pick this up if you think it matches your tone. The highlight is really subtle, but really pretty too!




Lipsticks have always been something I’ve never really cared about, until now. I am putting my hands up and admitting defeat to Mac Matte Lipsticks. WOW. Why haven’t I tried these before?! Nearly 20 years old, with a make up obsession, and never tried their matte lipsticks? I’ve fallen in love. My favourite shades are Russian Red and Kinda Sexy; both very different shades. Russian Red looks great with winged eyeliner and killer lashes on a night out, while Kinda Sexy looks great for during the day, or a smokey eye at night. The staying power these lipsticks has is mad! I rarely have to re-apply them and they look fantastic.




Finally, saving the best till last, it’s the Eylure brow palette. I think my shade is medium brown. I have a dedicated fan of my Benefit Brow Zing, however I’m starting to run out, and can’t really afford to be spending £21 on a tiny brow palette again. I decided to branch out and try something new – The Eylure one, in my opinion, is better! I find it a lot easier to apply and it looks as if it will last a long time as a little really does go long a way with this bad boy. I believe it was only around £7 and not only do you get a brow wax, powder but also a highlighting powder for your brow bone. It’s an absolute bargain, and I’m surprised I haven’t used it before. I reckon this palette will become incredibly, incredibly popular.

So there we have it! My monster January/February favourites! Let me know if you’ve used any of these products before in the comments below or send me a tweet at @FromAHart – I will always reply and follow if you ask nicely! 🙂

Amy x


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