#ManicureMonday – Current favourite shades


Painting my nails is one of those tasks which I have a love/hate relationship with. While I await the day I remove my chipped and disgusting looking nail varnish, I have absolutely no patience when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry. My flatmate has witness me paint my nails 5 TIMES as I kept smudging them when they were wet – it’s pretty much a nightmare for any of us.

So far this year, I’ve surprised myself with the shades that I have been loving. I’ve gone from a girl that loves neutral shades to a girl that is obsessed with bold pinks and reds. Now considering when I was 14, I swore by black nail varnish (yep, it was a wannabe emo phase), this is probably a bit of a shock to my younger self. I thought I’d put together the shades I have been using and using and using.

Probably the cheapest nail varnish here is my Sinful Colours pot in shade 300 ‘Easy Going’. I’ve had this shade at least 3 years now and it’s got the best staying power ever. I actually bought this when they were being introduced into boots, and I believe I actually got it for £1. I was so surprised after this brand was used on me at my local salon when I had got my nails done a few times. I actually think you can pick up a few of these shades in pound land now…but don’t hold me to that!

A while ago I wrote an article over on Charee Magazine for Model’s Own about their new hyper gel range. Their red shade was my favourite at the time of writing the article, and I remembered it recently and I adore the richness of this red. It’s got a dazzling shine and staying power like no other. The shade in the picture is ‘Marsala’ SG039

Now, the final two go together – I actually bought these in a set from the Kiko store in Meadowhall which is only a recent opening. I actually meant to pick up a purple shade, but accidentally picked up the pink; I’d like to think that this was a blessing in disguise as this colour is so stunning. It’s got this subtle sparkle to it and a shine that literally reflects the light. To make it better, it comes with a clear gel top coat which makes your nails so so soft and makes that shine look like something a salon manicure costing £15 would give you. I’m not sure if these are available anymore as they were an end of season Christmas set, however I’m sure shades similar will exist by the brand. The pink shade is in shade ‘52301’ (? Unclear on the bottle! But its the deep pink star gel nail lacquer).


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