A few changes


In June this year, not only will I turn 20, but my blog will be a year old! I’ve learnt a lot about blogging in the past few months, and I’ve decided its time to put what I’ve learnt into practise.

I’ve managed to gather up a following from creating content which to me, now seems generic and un-original. I’ve struggled to find unique concepts for posts for a while, and to me it seems that I need to inject more of my personality into my blog! I’m a student and there’s so much more I could talk about than my monthly favourites. While I enjoy this, I’d love to be able to use my space to talk about student life, health, music and other subjects while sort of ‘specialising’ in beauty, as it is my main interest! My aim is to create more diverse content and turn this blog into something that a wider audience can gain interest in.

I am also currently uploading one post a week, and I’d love for this to increase to two or three, depending on my uni work load of course! I plan on creating some pretty cool content from now onwards, so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

Amy xxx


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