Skin care – The best products for dry skin



I have previously spoken about my skin care and how I suffer with bursts of eczema and dry skin. I’ve been suffering from what feels like 10 different colds at once and it has really hacked away at the good skin period I was going through! I’ve decided to share my favourite products which totally blitz any signs of dry skin.

I just re-purchased one of these products today, and that is the E45 cream (50g). This handy little squeezy tube is great for applying an amount to dry skin patches before putting on make up. It makes a great moisturiser and also a primer. I’ve been using it in the morning before make up on clean skin and before bed, again, on clean skin. It seems to really be doing the trick!

One of my favourite products to clean my skin with is my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. This removes make up effortlessly and is full of ingredients which your skin will love and thank you for. Put this on a dry face and wash it off in the shower for make up free and clean skin.

A really important step of keeping dry skin away is exfoliating. My most recent favourite exfoliator is the Soap and Glory ‘The Scrub of Your Life’. It’s sparkly, pink and does wonders for those patches of dry skin which just won’t budge. I’m in love with the stuff and a little really does go a long way. I like to use this after I’ve shaved my legs for super silky skin.

Another product is again, Soap and Glory, and it’s their body butter. I love to apply this after exfoliating to deliver moisture back into the skin. The products by Soap and Glory have such a beautiful and unique scent which I absolutely adore. It’s so different to the artificial-fruity smelling things already on the market.

I feel like this ‘super quad’ of products has been my ultimate go-to at the moment to keep my dry skin at bay. Let me know what you use in the comments or over on twitter, @FromAHart


Love you all,

Amy xxx


2 thoughts on “Skin care – The best products for dry skin”

  1. I LOVE soap and glory products. I haven’t tried either of these but they look pretty good. I have the pulp friction exfoliating scrub and it’s pretty good. I generally have combination-oily skin but I also get REALLY dry skin and unfortunately skin flaking off in the winter. I like the No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask. It is SO moisturizing.


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