March Favourites


Welcome to April everyone! I can’t believe we’re already in the fourth month of 2016, this year is zooming by. I’d also like to say a little bit of a sorry to my regular readers that I’ve been a bit of a slacker recently – university work is taking over my life slowly. So, not to waste any time, here’s my March faves!

I’ve decided to try and lose a bit of weight recently, and something I’ve bought to help aid this is my MiFit after being suggested it by a friend at uni who was liking hers. I’d heard about the FitBits, which boast expensive price tags, and this was an equivalent for £10 – so I bought it, not expecting much. However I am so impressed! It counts your steps and also tracks how much sleep you’re getting. It’s also waterproof and the battery life is incredible. I haven’t taken mine off for five days straight yet. It also vibrates if you get a notification on you’re phone and you’re away from it (you can turn this off) – but it’s wonderful, a great gadget for those seeing a healthier lifestyle, or just interested in your health!

Now, I’m about four years late to the party, but I FINALLY got my hands on Mac ‘Velvet Teddy’ recently. Even though my mum was claiming that ‘I don’t need anymore makeup’ while walking round Mac, I couldn’t resist when I found out it was in stock. Mac lipsticks have the most wonderful texture and staying power, I absolutely adore them. Speaking to my beautiful make-up obsessed friend, Emily, she said she loved it and that it suits every skin tone – and she has a point! It really does and is one of those classic makeup items I’m glad I finally own.

One of my not so official new years resolutions was to tackle false eyelashes. I’d always stay far, far away from them as I could not get on with them, in fact, I’ve mentioned this in one of my videos before. However, the Ardell lashes have completely and utterly changed my opinion. These lashes have surprised me so much and are absolutely wonderful. Using the ‘Duo’ glue with them, they own the best staying power and always receive plenty of compliments. I use the demi wispies and you can pick them up usually on offer in Superdrug.

I was recently contacted by a company who are bringing the latest Korean moisture mask into the UK market. While I had planned to do a separate post on them, I figured it would be better for me to place them in my favourites, as they’ve opened my eyes to a new area of skincare which I haven’t tried before. The Lotussy sheet masks are so rich in moisture and work so fast. In just 15 minutes my skin went from tired and dry to silky and nourished. These aren’t for sale individually yet in UK stores, however, keep your eyes out, as they’ll be on our shelves very soon!!


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