My favourite false eyelashes

ardell lashes.jpg

For many years, false eyelashes were like that enemy that you go out of your way to avoid. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get on with them.

My first encounter with false eyelashes was when I was about 13 (?) and OBSESSED with the Girls Aloud lashes that were released with Eyelure. It was Halloween, and I was probably far too young to be playing with false eyelashes – but I tried and tried and tried to the extent that there was a thick layer of eyelash glue not only stuck to my eyelids, but the false eyelashes themselves. However, I decided not to give up – my best friend had quite the steady hand and was a pro at eyelash application when we were doing our GCSEs. I asked her to work her magic on my eyes, and she couldn’t do it – from that day onwards I was sure I had weirdly shaped eyes.I watched tutorial after tutorial, bought packet after packet and but I still wasn’t winning my battle with false eyelashes.

After years of plastering mascara on for nights out, I decided to give them one last go…It was my work’s Christmas party and my colleagues knew how obsessed I was with makeup, so I thought it was my time to shine!


I remember standing in my local super drug and just being completely spoilt for choice. There were so many different brands, and for the first time, I had no idea what to go for! I stayed away from the lashes I had tried before, and in the corner of my eye I noticed Ardell lashes on offer. I loved the look of them in the packet and thought to myself, why not?

So that night, I had applied my eye make-up and the time had come to battle with these lashes. I wasn’t optimistic, and was ready to correct smudged eyeliner however, I was proved wrong. They went on, and effortlessly. I was so impressed with them it was almost surreal. They also came with Duo glue which is pretty much the super glue equivalent in the cosmetics world – it’s brilliant and has impressive staying power.

So if you don’t get on with false lashes, give these a go – I guarantee that they’ll become your new favourites.


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