How I Beat A Bad Mood


I concluded me and my mental health this time last week, so I decided to do a post that will hopefully be useful to my readers! When we get in a bad mood, it can often affect us for the rest of the day. I know I get irritable when I’m feeling grumpy and down in the dumps. Here are a few tips how I push my bad mood out the window.

1 – If it’s evening or night time, I’ll take a long, warm shower and use all of my favourite products. I always feel better after doing this – almost like I’m washing my bad mood away. I love to use Soap and Glory products and I find the smell is really calming.

2. Chill out. If you’re able to, light a candle, put Netflix on and zone out for a bit. Distraction can be an obvious, yet simple tip to boost your spirits.

3. Exercise. It’s proven that exercise releases endorphins which help boost our mood. Even if it’s as simple as going or a walk down to the shops or a walk around a local park, plug in your music and clear your mind.

4. Listening to your favourite playlist or songs is another really effective, and also scientifically proven way to boost your mood! When you listen to songs which you relate with happiness or good memories, this will spark your mood to improve.

5. Probably the most effective way, have a rant, even if it’s on paper, to a friend, family member, whoever; it can be so effective to vent it out. Don’t drain the person you’re ranting to though!! My mum usually receives texts saying ‘FML guess what’s happened’ and knows what she’s in for, likewise for my boyfriend; they know what to expect.


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