Mac Studio Sculpt – I’m In Love!


A few weeks ago I dragged my mum (reluctantly) into Mac so I could pick up Velvet Teddy and some foundation – however, I was undecided from the vast Mac collection – and all of the shades! I decided to have a mooch around, and my eyes met with Studio Sculpt – It was love at first sight guys.

As expected, I was the palest shade, NC15 and I fell in love with the formulation after testing it on my jawline (always make sure you do this! It’s the best match you’ll get. Don’t worry about looking silly). It was rich and creamy while providing a good coverage. However, the main test is will it last a day? Will it last a night out? I put it to the test.

Daily wear

Days when I have uni, I’m rushing around here there and everywhere. I’m also out and about a fair bit so I need a foundation which is weather proof and busy-girl-proof! Realistically, I knew I’d never get long lasting and good coverage from a tube of foundation under a tenner, so I was incredibly hopeful for Studio Sculpt. I was also chuffed to see it was SPF 15 too – my mum always approves of a product with SPF.

After arriving home after a busy day, I went straight to the mirror to see if it had lasted – it had! I was so shocked. Usually when I get in at the end of the day, I’ve got no foundation left and smudged mascara. It still, surprisingly, looked fairly fresh.

Night Wear

This wasn’t just any night out where my foundation was being tested, oh no, it was Corp. Hot, sweaty, busy, Corp. For those of you outside of Sheffield, Corp is a nightclub notorious for it’s messiness and cheap drink; lets just say it’s not the place you wear your best heels too. I always apply a fair amount of makeup before a night out, mostly because I like to look my best and don’t like to get caught out in pictures! I found this foundation did the trick and my skin looked flawless in a few of the selfies with my friends. When it came to taking my makeup off too, there was so much of it on the cloth. Usually, my foundation just sweats off on a night out, or is weirdly absorbed by my skin. It definitely has the staying power us girls need on nights out.

So, from the descriptions, I’m hoping you can see why I’ve fallen in love! It lasts, it covers, and it’s got a beautiful subtle dewey finish. This can easily be mattified with powder, but I love the fresh glow it gives to the skin. Definitely give this foundation a try if you’re looking for a medium/heavy coverage with a long lasting effect. If you’re worried about taking the price plunge, you can buy samples on eBay – I’ve done this with Face and Body where I soon discovered it wasn’t for me. If you go into Mac, I’m sure one of the skilled artists will help you picking your shade if you’re unsure too.


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