My VIP JustFab experience!


We all know the adverts for JustFab…they’re the ones you turn down in case your mum thinks your watching a bit of a steamy tv show, not an advert showing two girls scrolling through a shoe website. I remember making an account and signing up to a newsletter one night, but never really returning to the website until recently.

Now, I say recently, I’ve waited a while until writing the blog post to see if the shoes I ordered are actually decent quality – to which they are! I took advantage of a 75% discount offered by their VIP programme – I highly recommend you check out their offers – I think these shoes were only about £8.00 after being nearly £50 before the discount.



I’ve received shoes ordered online before and they’re usually just shoved into a plastic packet. JustFab really put others to shame with their quality postage and packaging; my shoes were carefully wrapped in tissue paper, within a shoe box, within a delivery box – all of which is recyclable. The shoes were not touched, damaged or scratched – just as you’d expect!

I purchased a classic pair of heeled black chelsea boots as they’re my go-to shoe choice a lot of the time. As I had never ordered from this site, I was wary that the quality might not be great, however the shoes have proved me wrong! I have worn these shoes in heavy rain, hail, even a bit of snow and they’ve lasted. There are no splits, no scuffs – nothing. They are really easy to clean too.

The shoes I bought are at this link:

When you create an account, they ask you what your fashion tastes and favourites are so everything displayed on the site is completely styled to your preferences – free! I can’t stress how much I recommend this site, it’s wonderful and I wish I had discovered it earlier!


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