April Favourites


It’s pretty late in the month for me to be posting my April favourites, however it’s been a crazy few weeks full of uni deadlines; so apologies on my behalf there! In terms of products, it’s been quite a quiet month. I’ve found myself re-visiting some old favourites recently and trailing some lip products I’ve been really researching into.

Firstly, I’ve already praised the Arbonne range on my blog, however this is an expensive high-end range, which isn’t really within my budget. I wanted to find a cheaper alternative that would help me keep up a good moisturising routine. After browsing Superdrug, I noticed that the Garnier ‘moisture + nourish’ range was half price. I always look for paraben-free products where I can, and I was excited when these were.



I picked up a daily rich moisturiser named ‘goodbye dry’. It smells delightful and dries really quickly onto the skin. It also makes a fantastic base for primers before makeup. Even though this is a hight street brand, you can really feel the quality. If I have a make-up free day, I’ll just wear this moisturiser alone, and I can still feel it’s qualities by the end of the day.



After cleaning at night time, I’ve been using the range’s night cream. This a lilac-looking thick moisturiser which smells of amazing scents; I’m pretty sure that there’s some lavender in there somewhere. This feels like a treat to apply to the face before night. I really trust it to work wonders over night and repair any damage from during the day. It’s an intense and high quality moisturiser for such a reasonable price.



If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I recently purchased (and fell in love with) the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation. However, as this is a pricey foundation, I needed something a lot cheaper which I could justify wearing daily. I looked through my makeup drawers and found an old favourite – my Collection Lasting Perfection liquid foundation in shade Warm Beige. I remember this foundation having AMAZING coverage and I believe it is around the £5 price range. I love to dab this onto my face using a small brush before blending with a big powder brush. It’s got a heavy coverage for a high street foundation and lasts brilliantly. It has a dewy finish, which can be calmed easily with a powder. I rate this up there with my MAC foundation and I absolutely love it.

Finally, the two products I have been incredibly excited about recently. I’ve been looking for a matte liquid lipstick for some time now, and especially since the release of the Kylie Jenner lip kits. I would have purchased these if it wasn’t for the expensive price tag and also there are some bad reviews floating around. One of my close friends Emily had previously purchased the liquid lipstick Lingerie range by NYX and I loved the colours she showed me, so I did my research into the perfect nude liquid lipstick – I had my heart set on a shade similar to that of MAC’s Velvet Teddy.



The first shade I picked up, after some research, was Stockholm. I believe it was only £5 or so, which is incredibly affordable when you realise how wonderfully pigmented these bad boys are. I do have to re-apply during the day, but to me, that is to be expected. They have a beautiful smell of almost vanilla ice cream and they’re a dream to apply. I really did fall in love, and my Boots points card allowed me to pick up another using the points I had collected. I decided to purchase Cairo which is a true nude, a lot like a Kim Kardashian shade. I’ve found that using Stockholm on my entire lips and then a dash of Cairo in the centre of my lips creates a beautiful ombre nude lip. I’d highly recommend trying this if you’re looking for a long lasting, quality liquid lipstick which isn’t incredibly drying.

So there we have it, my April favourites! If you have any questions about any of the products I’ve mentioned, either drop me a comment below or send me a tweet @FromAHart. I’m excited to know what you all think!


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