Why I’ve started running again


Anyone who knew me during 2013/2014 knew I was a huge fan of the gym and really into my exercise. I would visit my local gym three times a week and also run on a couple of the days in between. I was just under 8 stone and had a healthy body. I tried to keep up my good habits during my first year of university, however I completely fell out of love with going to the gym and it became more of a chore rather than something I looked forward to do. I used to drag myself down and push myself and I found that instead of making me feel cheerful, it made me feel tired and bored.

I have just finished my second year of university and yep, I’ve gained weight. Not going to the gym and completely losing any sense of a healthy diet has really taken it’s toll. I also struggled a lot with my mental health during September 2015 which made me binge eat a lot to help me deal with my problems. When living in my student flat too, I found myself feeling sluggish and I had this urge to get out and move again. Within the past few months, I’ve really hit a point where I need to switch up my habits before my weight seriously spirals out of control along with my eating.

I used to absolutely love running, so I thought, why not try it again? It’s free, quite literally on my doorstep and it’s something I was fairly good at. It seemed silly not to try and do it while I’m back home over the summer – (where I live in term time isn’t the most safest areas to run in).

Yesterday night I completed my first run for a long time. While it was only for half an hour, and a few miles, I was pleased that I was able to run hills, sprint and jog still. Of course, there was a lot of stop/starting, but it felt great to finally be making some progress and taking hold of my health and fitness again.

I think that the best place to re-start my fitness journey is to make small goals. I have absolutely no resistance when it comes to my favourite foods, so I’m not going to be cutting everything naughty out straight away. I’ll be running 4/5 times a week and doing a little resistance training in between at home with some weights. I’m also going to be cutting my portion sizes down, as I do have quite a large appetite for a small girl! Taking these steps slowly and pushing myself to get out and run will hopefully be the start of something great!


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