How I store my makeup



For those of us addicted to beauty products, our collection is our pride and joy. For about a year while I’ve been building my collection up with products I truly love, I’ve only had what I deemed as ‘temporary storage’. These were standard desk trays which were a bit bulky and didn’t have much of a classy charm to them. My birthday has just been and the top of my list was some acrylic drawers which I can nicely house my collection of makeup products.


I have three sets of drawers (so far!) one for eyes, one for lips and one for face. I also keep my favourite lipsticks on top to grab easily. As palettes are bulky items, I keep them all in these cute weaved-effect boxes which are actually from pound land. As you can see, I have two layered, in the bottom there are a lot of products which I rarely use but still want access to and a few things like hair grips and hair bands. I keep all of my eyeshadow, contouring, bronzing, highlighting etc palettes on top.


I absolutely adore my new brush pots too which my boyfriend kindly picked up for me as he knew I was on the search for some rose gold/copper effect cups. My brush collection is always expanding and these luckily have room for more brushes!


I really love storing my makeup this way as I think it looks super clean and chic. The clear style of the drawers also makes finding products so much easier than before. They sit so well on my large chest of drawers and are so much less of an eye-sore my previous ones were! If you’re looking to upgrade your makeup storage, check out Osco on Amazon for some really reasonably priced options.


Love to you all,





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