Morphe Natural Beauty Palette Swatches & Review!



For me, Morphe are a brand I’ve only recently got into after a recommendation from my flatmate last year. I noticed after looking through their brushes they had an amazing collection of makeup. I’d heard of the brand, but never looked into it properly and made a purchase.


One particular palette which caught my eye was the Natural Beauty palette due to its gorgeous colours and mixture of more matte shades against the sparkle shades. I watched this onto my very very pale skin below so you can get a look.




As you can see, the lighter shades have more of a challenge when it comes to visibility! However the more medium and darker shades look gorgeous on the skin and have great blend ability. These are also SO BUILD-ABLE. On my arm is one ‘swoop’ of product. You have the potential to build some great dark shades with this palette.




The 12 shades fit into it’s sleek black housing which feels secure and keeps your shadows safe. I bought this palette with some birthday money and for £12, it’s a steel compared to it’s high end Urban Decay look a likes.


I would thoroughly recommend this palette if you’re looking to create build able neutral looks. You could easily also create a killer smokey eye with this palette, making it very versatile.


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