My Love For Matte Lips


Matte lips have become a popular look thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner and Rihanna (and of course, many more). Matte lipsticks, either solid or liquid, are absolutely everywhere and have been a peak trend for months now. They’ve really hit the shelves with storm and become intensely popular with makeup lovers.

For me, I always used to leave out lips when it came to my makeup routine. I’ve got tiny lips and I never liked to draw attention to them. I always found glossy lips sticky, annoying and just not my style. I tried a matte lips after seeing them being sported by the Kardashians – I just had to try it. After purchasing NYX Stockholm I was officially grabbed by the trend and my collection of matte lip products grew.


DSC00497 copy.jpg

Above – my favourites!

I prefer to keep my lips subtle/neutral/nude when it comes to colour – unless I’m feeling a pop of colour with a bit of purple. I love how fast the matte finish appears and how it can complete a makeup look with a smooth feel. One thing I love to do with my liquid lippies is to create an ombre lip – I do this with both NYX Stockholm and Cairo; it creates a gorgeous pinky nude ombre lip with looks chic and girly with feathery lashes.

I know have a slight addiction to nude matte lips and probably shall carry on to do so for a very long time! As you can see, I’m a big fan of the NYX products – what about you? Let me know either in the comments or over on twitter!


Love to you all,


Amy Hart x




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