A Sheffield Sweet Treat



Being a blogger really does have its perks. When I was contacted by Jodie from The Treat Kitchen, I was immediately intrigued from seeing the words ‘treat’ and ‘kitchen’ – when I read further into her email and read that she wanted to send me some free sweet treats I was all HECK YEAH – FREE FOOD. And as you know, I have a sweet tooth so, HECK YEAH – FREE SWEETS.

I decided to do a little research on the brand and it’s an independent business based in Nottingham which sells delicious chocolates and sweets in the coolest clear pouch-packaging with a trendy branded sticker. As you know, I only involve myself in a brand if I feel it’s something I’d genuinely be a customer of, so you can be assured that this blog post is all my opinions and is not sponsored! The Treat Kitchen have however been kind enough to send me a variety of treats to sample.

I opened a well-packaged box of goodies with my boyfriend and gazed in excitement at the diversity and variety of products they had kindly sent, so lets get into the foooooooooood!


Now, I love truffles – I really do and there were two fresh handmade truffles (which had alcohol in them too – naughty) packaged in a cute little paper bag. While my boyfriend picked the chocolate/whisky one, I went for the strawberry/champagne option and we both adored the textures and flavours – these feel so luxurious and tasty.



The box also included pear drops, which are a very traditional hard boiled sweet which everyone loves. These were fruity and very sweet – quite the opposite to the radioactive sours which were the SOUREST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Now, I love me some tangfastic hairdos and I love a sour apple, but these, I only had to lick it for my eyes to be watering; this was the same case for my mum. Somehow, my boyfriend Todd battled through it but I don’t think he looked too comfortable while consuming it!! So, if you like sour, and I mean REALLY sour, try these…or perhaps, a bit of sweet revenge?!



The biggest pouch in the box was a bag of coconut mushrooms – normally I’m not a fan of coconut unless its in oil form and fixing my chapped lips – however, these were very gentle in flavour and different to anything I’d had before. I enjoyed them, and considering I don’t like eating coconut, that’s a big deal.



So the main reason for this post is to get you to know the brand and their products, also, as a lot of my readers are based in Sheffield they’re opening a brand new store in Meadowhall so you can get your hands on some of the goods. They’re having a big launch night which you’re all invited to – you can come along, have a chat with my and plenty of other Sheffield Bloggers! You may also get some free chocolate and sweets…who doesn’t love that? Keep tuned on the Treat Kitchen’s twitter and also mine to find out more about the launch and for details about the event!

All of this post is honest and not sponsored!! I really love the brand.

Love you all,

A. Hart x


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