5 drugstore products…WHICH LAST!!



You know that feeling when you’re sat reading blog posts or watching you tubers, and they keep pulling out these expensive, amazing products which sadly, just aren’t on the budget? Yep. I can relate. I’ve been on a mission for a while to find drugstore products which are just as amazing as those by the more expensive brands wether that be out of interest, to save some money or to allow more money for other products! So here are my top five!



Highlights have become my recent obsession. I practically cover myself in the stuff, so much my boyfriend tells me I’m sparkling – but that’s what we want! When I was just trying out highlights for the first time, I purchased this Makeup Revolution one and wasn’t really sure how to use it! After playing around I found out how amazing this highlight is – it’s what, £3? It’s so cheap! Practically the same as a meal deal and it’s wonderful. The glow is enough to blind a unicorn and it would look so amazing on different skin tones.



In my opinion, theres a different product for every single ‘issue’ that crops up with eyebrows, wether they be sparse, thick, patchy etc there’s something out there to battle it. One product which seems to do them all while keeping your brows tame and neat is the Maybeline brow drama – I discussed this in my big monthly favourites if you want more information, but it’s a brill product! ❤



I preach about this foundation so much to all of my friends. I get asked so much, “What’s a really good high coverage foundation that’s cheap?” and I always mention this Collection Lasting Perfection foundation. I discovered this back in 2014 when I needed a foundation on the cheap. It’s amazing coverage, SPF 20, Oil free, long lasting….what more could you want? It’s about £6-7 which is a fraction of those higher end foundation which do all of those same things. It makes an amazing base for bronzing and highlighting!



I find that mascaras are hit and miss – some are great for some, others don’t have the same effect on others. This mascara however, I’ve only ever heard good reviews! It’s the seventeen falsifeye HD! mascara. I’ve raved about this SO many times before and it creates the best length and volume from a couple coats. When I’ve worn this mascara, it’s often been mistook for false lashes! Winner!



The final product in this mini-haul is the Revlon Photoready primer – it’s the most expensive product out of the five but don’t be put off. This primer makes a wonderful base for foundation and makes makeup last all day long – which is exactly what we look for in a primer! It’s a very light, runny consistency but spreads and dries like an absolute dream.


Let me know what you think of these products and if you’ve tried them yourself! Send me a tweet at @FromAHart or let me know in the comments below!



A Hart xx





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