My fitness journey: an update


So a while ago (and we’re talking a few months here) I created a blog post titled ‘Why I started running’ mentioning how I had gained a significant amount of weight and that it was time to nip it in the bud before I wasn’t able to control my comfort eating habits. I also wanted to get back into my routine of going to the gym three times a week and cutting down on all of the naughty food. I had actually reached a bit of a low with my overall body image, and it began to really, really, REALLY get me down; so it had to change.



There’s a no photos policy at Sweat, so here’s my very tired feet after a great session.

Since then, I’ve started my final year at university and joined a new gym, Sweat Union in Sheffield, which is just above the Moor Market if you’re interested! Now, I say this after having a week off with a bad back, but I have been pretty good with going regularly and making sure I look like a very sweaty tomato by the time I’m finished. I also joined up with my boyfriend, and he makes sure I wake up early on a Sunday and drag myself down when all I want is a lie in and fry up.

For my local readers interested in the gym, my absolute honest opinion is that it’s the best gym I’ve been to in Sheffield yet, especially for the price and amount of equipment and classes. This sounds incredibly sponsored (it’s not! I promise) but they’ve extended their introductory offer, you can get a membership for £12.99 a month (say whuttttt) – this price is incredible, even I, a broke third year student, can afford this. There’s no contract either which means if it’s not for you, you’re not tied up to a lot of payments. If you do sign up, I’d be much appreciative if you quoted my name so I could get a few freebies. This is completely up to you! Just a bit of fun. 

Anyway, enough of the promo, back to my weight loss.

I took the very scary plunge of weighing myself for the first time in two months yesterday and well, drumroll please, I’ve lost 7 LBS!!! 

I’m incredibly surprised as I told myself I wouldn’t bother weighing myself, but I’d do regular measurements, and while I’ve been losing inches, I didn’t realise how much this would reflect on my weight. I can feel my strength slowly coming back, and I can’t explain the feeling after smashing a session. I have also overcome my fear of classes (Thanks to Lance!) which is all part of trying new things in the gym to mix up a workout and keep your body guessing!



In terms of the diet side of things, I’ve been having a diet whey shake for my breakfast most days which really fills me up. I’ll usually snack on a banana or apple and eat a smaller version of what I would before. I’ve been *trying* to manage my portion sizes and get my veggies in where possible. However, I love food, I’ve not cut out anything I love; everything in moderation. There’s no point in making yourself miserable eating a plate of carrots 24/7 – Make your weight loss work around you.






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