If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s sleeping. Normally, that’s not exactly the largest achievement, but after going through my years of sleepless nights due to panic and anxiety, I’ve finally managed to become an absolute sloth when it comes to sleeping. I’m known to get about 10 hours sleep per night, and my friends always ask me how I do it, so, i’m spreading a few things I do which help me out.

1 – I’ve always found that I sleep better when i’m getting into a made bed, rather than messy sheets which I haven’t sorted from the morning. There’s something that feels quite nice and comforting getting in a bed thats neatly made.


2 – Start your routine early. Stop drinking caffeine around 6pm and stop eating sugary foods around 7pm (if you’re wanting an early night). Try and relax yourself by having a nice bath, a warm drink, putting pyjamas on which have been on the radiator etc – all of these little things help your brain to understand that you are winding down to sleep soon.


3 – Keep your room as dark as possible. I’m not a scientist, but I was once told that when there is light in the room, our brains will tell us that it is daytime, and therefore time to be awake.


4 – If you’re trying to restore a sleeping pattern, do not nap during the day! This is soo hard I know, but I personally think naps do more harm than good.


5 – Similar to the above, wake up when you aim to. If you set an alarm for 7 but sleep in until 9, you’re not letting your brain adjust to a ‘schedule’.


6 – Try and keep your bedroom the place you sleep only. If you use to bedroom to work in, try and move elsewhere – it can be a good move to help you physiologically separate where you sleep and where you play.


7 – If you can’t quite seem to drop off, don’t beat yourself up about it! Just lay still with your eyes closed and relax your body. Humans can actually cope on a few hours sleep.


8 – When getting into a new routine, you really need to force yourself into it! If you want to start waking up earlier, you can’t set an alarm for 7am everyday but fall back asleep until 10am. Your body will take a while to adjust and recognise that you’re putting a system in place.






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