New year’s resolutions

I’m one of these people who are diving into 2017 with hopes that it will bring many positive things. While 2016 has had it’s wonderful moments, overall, it’s been a tricky year with my anxiety and I know it’s been a tough one for many people around me. I promised myself I would upload a ‘what 2016 taught me’ video, however after two attempts at filming, I really wasn’t happy with it and decided to call it a day and write a post with my new years resolutions instead.

Now, when I was younger and people asked me what I would set as my new years resolution, I’d say ‘give up vegetables!’ because I was the most hilarious 11 year old around. During my teenage years, I never really bothered with them, however I’ve decided to set myself a goal which I’m very excited to explore.

While I’m working on my fitness and healthy eating, my new years resolution is to read more. I decided this as during the christmas festivities, I found out my 12 year old cousin has read some pretty impressive titles and I realised how much reading I haven’t done.

I have always found reading a bit tedious. Im a slow reader, and used to hate how far behind everyone else I would be at school. I’ve also found it quite hard to read and understand things straight away, I have to read things really slowly and sometimes a couple time to understand what the text is saying. Despite this, I love to write and always did really well in English at school!

I’ve bought myself a few titles to get me started. I had already started The Girl on The Train, so I’m going to finish that before making my way onto the new books. I’ve purchased Matt Haig’s ‘The Humans’ and ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’; I’ve heard great things about this author and the reviews of his books on amazon seemed pretty high! I’ve also set myself a challenge and got myself a copy of Wuthering Heights after my auntie and cousin recommended it.

So there we go, I’m sorry it’s nothing exciting, I’m sure there’s another blogger out there who is jumping out of planes and climbing mountains; but this is just little me.

Let me know what your plans for 2017 are!


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