My guide to blackhead bliss


I like to believe that when it comes to blackheads, there are two types of people. The first type, are those who gag at the thought of extracting dirt from a pore in your nose. The second type, are those who will happily grab popcorn and watch a compilation of blackhead removals. I, fall into the second category, maybe not to such an extreme, however I find the stuff super satisfying and I’m not afraid to admit this.

During my hunt to un-clog my pores, I have tried and tested a LOT of products which claim to do just this. I’ve finally found my top methods, so I thought I would discuss some of my blackhead faves.

*Disclaimer – This is what I use myself, any problems regarding skin should be seen to by a doctor or dermatologist. The content in this blog is for entertainment purposes and any advice taken is done at the individual’s risk. The products mentioned in this post have been bought with my own money and this post is in no way sponsored/biased.*

1 – Biore blackhead strips.

Oh my goodness, do not be fooled by the fact that this looks like any old pore strip. I don’t exactly know whats in these, but the amount of gunk they pull out of my pores is pretty impressive. Although it is tempting not to do so, I believe they recommend to use a couple a month or so as they are so powerful. I have also noticed that these strips are VERY pricey when you purchase them in store. I recommend buying them on amazon or waiting until an offer is on. Boots/Superdrug often do a half price offer on the Biore range.

I buy mine here:

2 – Wierd-ass tools.



NGL, when I opened these I literally thought I had ordered a dentist’s kit, but no, these are actual things to get blackheads out. My mum’s reaction was something along the lines of ‘BLIMEY, that looks like something dr pimple popper would use!’ (We are both fans of Dr Sandra Lee). Just to note, I sterilised these before their use! The tool in particular I use is the tweezer. This is a moderately pain-free method of extracting blackheads from the skin. I have found this to be the most effective way to get results fast. I have however, noticed my skin can be sore for a few days after using these, so it’s best to use a toner and moisturiser and focus on protecting this area of skin.

I bought mine here:

3 – Charcoal-Peel off masks.



I purchased the now cult-favourite charcoal mask by Shills a while ago now. I have mixed reviews on this, but mostly positive! I think it’s clear to say that this stuff is HORRIBLE to remove. It’s like ripping your skin off when you remove it. While this mask promotes the removal of blackheads, I have found it’s more suited towards removing surface cells and the fuzz on your face. So it’s great for cleaning and giving you soft skin, but in terms of blackheads, I think that there are better products out there.

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed my post all about face-gunk.

Be sure to let me know if you use any of these or have any other ways that I can explore!


4 thoughts on “My guide to blackhead bliss”

  1. I’ve been debating with myself whether to try this Charcoal Masks but i’m not so sure i’ll give it ago now – thanks for being honest and informing! 🙂 X


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