What’s in my uni bag?


Have you ever seen that meme which compares your pencil case from the start of the year to the end of the year? Well, if you know the one I mean I can whole-heartedly relate, however this is across a three year period. For those who don’t know I study Graphic Design, and I’m in my final year. During my first year I would FILL my bag with about 8 different types of pen, a cutting mat, paints, markers, glue etc etc all of which I never really would end up using while I was there. Since starting my final year back in September, I’ve pretty much managed to refine my uni-essentials.


As you can probably tell, my backpack is the very famous Zoella Lifestyle one and it’s available in Boots for £26 at the moment. I did spent a bit of time umming and ahhing over it as I thought the material was really thin and flimsy, however this is not the case! I can carry everything in this and this bag does get battered about being on the bus and in the studio. There’s not one scuff on it and the stitching is really strong.




Now, part of me would love to include a bottle of perfume, lipstick, some fancy pens etc however that’s just not the case. I think ‘Blogger Amy’ would love this, however ‘Student Amy’ needs her basic, boring stuff!


The most obvious thing you would expect to find in my uni bag is my Macbook. I’d say that it’s pretty much vital for a designer to have access to some sort of computer. I love to draw and create traditionally, however my adobe creative cloud subscription always comes in handy with my course. I think with any uni course it’s essential that you’ve got somewhere to record notes too. I love to buy my notepads from Paperchase; the prettier they are, the more I want to take notes! I love the copper spiral bind on mine.


Another super boring item is an external hard-drive, I find apple products don’t have the best storage facilities, so I use a cloud and an external hard drive. If my ICT A-Level teacher taught me anything, it’s to backup your work as many times as possible. Also it’s a good idea to make your hard drive stand out – I’ve put a little Vans sticker on mine – just in case it ever goes missing, as a lot of hard drives look very similar.


If you’re a designer, artist, maker etc or even if you have your own freelance thing going – it’s great to carry around your own business cards. You never know who you are going to bump into throughout the day. I designed mine myself and use moo.com to get them printed.



If I’m going to be at uni for a long time, I like to take my headphones with me. I love working around other people, however sometimes I do like a bit of privacy. Sometimes putting some music on can help me be a little more productive and focussed. Mine are the Frends white leather headphones with rose gold metal detailing.

Probably the most glamorous item in my uni bag is my pot of Vaseline! Coming from a girl with a decent-sized make-up collection, you’d probably expect more, however this stuff is great for carrying around. I love the aloe-vera one too, I find it’s really great for extra chapped lips.




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