January Favourites


Monthly favourites used to be my thang, recently however? Not so much – until now. I’ve decided why not go back to doing the posts I used to love doing so much? So, perhaps a little late, here are my January favourites!






Make-up Forever Ultra HD Foundation

I am always on the hunt for a perfect foundation. I tend to swap between Mac Studio Sculpt, Naked Skin and now this new addition. I got matched to my shade at the Manchester counter by the manager; she was absolutely lovely and really made sure that it was the right foundation for me before I purchased it.

Now I have a lot of ‘peach fuzz’ so with any foundation I have to make sure it’s not cake – this foundation is lovely and silky and applies like a dream with a beauty blender. It’s also super build able and you can blend contour powders into it no problem.

This is probably one of the nicest pieces of makeup I’ve ever had and thoroughly recommend it.


Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel

I’ll admit, this has only been in my collection a few days but I love it! It’s got such a delicate wand and, I’ll admit when I unscrewed it, I thought ‘nah, this aint gonna do anything’ but I was, happily, proven wrong!

Small but mighty, the wand coats the lashes without dragging clumps. I have used this on un-curled eyelashes and it really did a good job. As a glasses wearer, I like to have defined lashes when I wear my specs, so this mascara does a lovely job of opening up my eye.



Loreal Elvive – Extraordinary oil, oil-in-cream

When it comes to creams you put in hair AFTER a shower, I’m a little sceptical; something about the whole process to me just alerts *GREASY HAIR* in my brain. However, this little gold bottle has proven me other wise. I have accidentally put too much in my hair and instantly regretted it; but the right amount leads to beautiful silky smooth hair. My hair gets damaged in the cold and it also gets straightened a fair amount, so this has my thumbs up when it comes to restoring moisture back into the hair.



Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in shade Lolita

I’m really picky when it comes to liquid matte lipsticks. As most the top ones are fairly pricey, I expect them to stay and not budge! What’s weird is, I have shade Bow n Arrow and I find it goes very crusty very quickly, however Lolita has a much better texture and stays on for longer! No idea why that is, they’re both purchased from Debenhams! Perhaps I’m wearing it on days my lips are too dry! Anyway, Lolita is a super pretty shade and I have quite pale skin which I think it really compliments. It’s like a really subtle red. Great if you want some colour, but not too ka-pow!


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