Step into Spring with Lush!

On Sunday the 5th of March, myself and a few other lovely bloggers were invited to the launch of the Easter and Mother’s Day products for Lush’s spring range! I had never been to a lush event before and was super excited – It’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed. I want to also mention that the team at Lush who held the event were incredible; super friendly, super chatty and were fabulous hosts. It was like talking to people who you have been friends with for years! So thank you to the Meadowhall Lush team!

There are so many amazing products for Spring that I don’t know where to begin! I was very happy to see the lip scrub has been re-vamped to a CHOCOLATE scent! Yep. Chocolate. The Lush lip scrub is my absolute godsend and now it’s in chocolate? Even better.

We were all super lucky to get a hand and arm massage with their new products while there by the very lovely Matt. One product which we were all obsessed with was the ‘Scrubee’ – It’s an exfoliating scrub bar AND IT LOOKS LIKE A BEE. It’s adorable and we all fell in love with it. After this we were able to pick out of the new shower gels, either ‘Yummy Mummy’ or ‘Wash Behind Your Ears’ – myself and Bev chose Wash behind your ears as we loved the smell – it also lathers on BRIGHT orange! Just a little warning – there’s no staining though it washes off and leaves your skin beautifully soft.

Another of my favourite new products is the Flopsy. You have to go into the store and read the label for this…it’s hilarious, depending on how much of a dirty mind you’ve got anyway! This product is the spring equivalent of the Santa beard they brought out for Christmas. It basically works like a flannel and it’s in the shape of a super cute bunny!

If I was to write about every single product, this would be a super long blog post – but you can check out this link which will show you all of the new releases we got to mooch at yesterday evening:

EVERYTHING they showed us was fantastic; there is really something for everyone in Lush’s new range. There’s even some great equivalent to Easter Eggs (I’m talking Easter egg shaped soap and a GOLDEN egg gift set) if you’re keeping the chocolate away!

Thanks again to Lush Meadowhall for having us and spoiling us with live music, nibbles, drinks and a goodie bag. Your product knowledge is incredible and you were all so welcoming and friendly.

The new range comes out Friday!


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