My Personal Training session at Lucy Locket Loves


For some, the thought of a personal training session can be daunting. It’s 1-1 meaning there’s no room to hide when you get embarrassingly out of breath, (guilty of this) and extremely red faced and sweaty (also guilty of this).  For me, personal training sessions have always been something I want to do as a routinely thing. When it comes to the gym, and most things in life, I really don’t like the idea of drawing attention to myself! As I am very body conscious, some classes and even PT sessions in a large gym space can really scare me.

In comes Lucy. A Sheffield based PT with her own cute little studio at the end of Psalter lane in Sheffield. Lucy invited me down for a PT session and it was the best one I’ve ever had!

Lucy understood that I suffer with joint-hyper mobility which can cause bad aches and pains. She stated that she also had this herself and was always checking my form to make sure I wasn’t doing any damage to my body.

In terms of the actual session, it was quick warmup then a series of short burst exercises with a high intensity (otherwise known as HIIT training) followed by a bit of boxing and some stretches at the end. Oh boy. I was absolutely KNACKERED. Each exercise Lucy selected in her carefully designed routine was a killer and really pushed me to get the most out of the time I had with her. She said that she’d rather me be worked hard and feel it rather than to leave the session feeling like I hadn’t worked hard; which is totally the best way. It’s your time, so why not absolutely smash it?!


This was one of the last exercises we did – I was dying. (I’m aware I don’t have the most incredily toned body – we all have to start somewhere though!)

The best thing about my session with Lucy is that it was like working out with a close friend. She let me stop and take breaks when I needed, chatted to me and gave me lots of compliments and encouragement. Some personal trainers can seem a little intimidating however there was none of this with Lucy; you can tell all she wants to do is to help you reach your goals!



Find out more about Lucy here:





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