March Favourites


March has been a great month in terms of trailing new products and finding new favourites. It’s also been a while since I actually did a favourites post – so why not jump back in?



First up on the list is a scent! This is usually pretty rare as I am very stubborn when it comes to trying a new scent – it is safe to say I know what I like. You may have seen on my previous blog post, which was all about my trip to Charlotte Tilbury, that I was gifted a selection of products, one of which was the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Scent of a Dream’. It is such an unusual smell to me – almost a mixture of florals and a more musky scent. The scent is quite grown up to me and I love how I can still catch whiffs of it throughout the day.



Now usually when I’m watching Youtube Videos, I switch to another tab when there’s an ad, however, I was drawn in by the new Garnier Micellar water facial wash. What did it for me was a lady in the advert saying ‘I prefer to wash my face at the end of the day’ which is so me. I love using my micellar water, however, I still feel like my face is a little dirty afterwards as it’s still sitting on my skin. The facial wash allows me to remove my make up and clean it of any dirt from the day. It works an absolute treat and a little goes a long way, unlike, in my opinion, the micellar water.



Seeing as the sun has come out recently I decided to treat myself to some new sunglasses – mainly ones I could wear for driving that didn’t have an intense tint or darkness to them. I tried TK Maxx but knowing how little the sun does appear in this country, I didn’t want to part ways with too much cash. I knew Primark always did a great sunglasses collection so I headed over to the store to take a look. I ended up coming away with two pairs! Mainly because THEY WERE £2 EACH! £2! That’s not even a meal deal. I feel like they look a lot more expensive and are super stylish. They don’t feel overly ‘cheap’ either – well made.



The final item in my small collection of favourites this month is the LUSH chocolate lip scrub which I was kindly gifted in a goodie bag as their recent Easter, spring and mothers day event. It smells like chocolate orange and works incredibly. I love to use this once a week and then use vaseline over night to try and keep the chapped lips at bay. Oh and the best part? IT SMELLS LIKE A CHOCOLATE ORANGE.

While it may be a short favourites post this month, it’s a sweet one! What are you guys loving this month?


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