Winging it.

It hasn’t been long since the question starting weaving its way into conversations. The words which strike a certain sort of doom straight to my mind and make me want to turn back into a toddler and be a child again.

“So, what are your plans after university?”

There it is. Oh God. Written down in black and white. What are my plans?!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m about to finish my Graphic Design degree. With this particular industry, jobs are like gold-dust. It’s all about who you know, and this is the case for soo many different industries and careers.

While I’ve made some great links while studying for my degree, got some experience under my belt, and set up a short placement after I have finished university – I’m pretty much stumped for any sort of future plan, but hey, I’ve decided it’s gonna be ok. TBH, it’s hard to keep this mindset when you receive a new rejection each day while you hear of people bagging the jobs of their dreams.

I’ve decided to wing it. I know this probably isn’t the best attitude to have. But I’m so tired of the pressure of having to have my shit together when it’s just not going to be together…just yet anyway. As mentioned before, I’ve got myself a placement lined up – however after that then I really am deep in the woods without a map. I’ve had many chats with my mum where I’ve poured my heart out, expressing that I have no plans and no idea where my life is going to eventually end up. It’s not a nice feeling having that uncertainty that I’ve never had growing up (You finish primary school, you go to secondary school, you go to sixth form etc etc). I’ve even had the same chat with my tutors at uni. I’ve been reassured that I’ll graduate with a good degree and will be able to get something, but not knowing what that something is, and when that something is going to appear is the scary stuff.

Truth is, we’re all in the same boat. It’s not easy to get a job in this day and age. I love me some High School Musical, and part of me wants to perform a fully choreographed dance routine singing ‘we’re all in this together’ with added glow sticks and confetti. Life is about to get real and we’ve just got to wing it really.


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