April Favourites

First of all, where the hell did April go? It’s now May meaning I have just over two weeks to complete my degree which is super cool, but also incredibly scary! So, while I’m living off my last student finance instalment, check out what I have been absolutely loving this month.



I’m about to share an unpopular opinion here, but I HATE contouring. Let me explain. I love how it looks but I hate applying the products as I just struggle to get it right. I’ve tried so many products and brushes to try and achieve Kim K worthy cheek-bones, but I have frequently ended up with a brown slur across my cheeks. One product which has made the whole process a lot easier is the NYX Highlight and Contour pro palette. I have had this for a while now, but only properly got into using it recently. I find the shades on this are really complimentary for my pale skin and they’re also super blend-able. I love the amount of shades you get for the high-street price.



If you know me well, you know I find relaxation in going to TK Maxx. Weird, I know. My local store is next to my bus stop, so if I notice my bus is going to be half an hour or so, I think, ‘Ooh I’ll nip into TK Maxx’ it is a blessing, but also a curse, as I usually end up missing my bus as I lose track of time. Anyway, enough of the waffle. Basically; I spend a lot of time in the TK Maxx beauty section hunting down any bargains. Normally, I won’t buy anything and mainly browse, however, I came across something I simply couldn’t leave behind. I decided it was mine as soon as I found it and googled the shade. It’s this Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in shade 30. It was also something ridiculous like £5 AND IT’S MEANT TO BE £21. THAT IS A LOT OF DISCOUNT. This lipstick is super creamy and pigmented, it has instantly become my absolute favourite lipstick (perhaps even topping Mac Velvet Teddy here). I have been going on about this lipstick to everyone, even my male-friends. I’m obsessed.



Sticking to high-end themed makeup, I had a super busy week last week at university  and had a couple days of talking about my work to people high up in the industry. I was incredibly nervous and get so self-conscious doing anything like that, BUT, I did it and actually really enjoyed it. So I thought, ya know, TREAT YO SELF. Which is something I do way too much. Anyway, I finally decided to buy this mascara which I have been wanting for months now. I had a voucher and had a bit of a F*** It moment. When it arrived and slowly pulled the wand out of the bottle, I had a sort of moment. I applied the mascara, stroke by stroke, coating my lashing and it was almost like watching myself paint new eyelashes onto my own. This Lance mascara is the stuff of gods, and apparently, It’s Kylie Jenner’s fave. I can see why.

The only downside of this mascara is that I chose the waterproof one (I exercise a lot and, well, I’m finishing my degree, there’s tears and stress.) and wow, yeah, it’s waterproof. It took a LOT to get it to finally come off, so bare that in mind if you’re thinking about getting the waterproof one.



The final item in my ramble of a favourites post is this Nip and Fab no needle fix serum. The skin on my neck has always been a bit on the saggy side, especially from losing my puppy fat as a teenager. I really hate my neck a lot and decided to try if there was anything I could use to help tighten it. While it’s all just naturally there, it is a bit disheartening to look at every day in the mirror, and I really hate the thought of anyone even looking at my neck some days. I picked up this Nip and Fab cream in hope it would help tighten the skin. Now, I know this was probably super native of me to thinking a serum would give me a ‘neck lift’ but it does do something! It’s not the biggest of differences, however, it helps to fill the lines and gives me a bit of confidence. It is great as a facial moisturiser too! My only negative comment is that I’m not keen on the smell…however, that is just my personal preference.

Well done for making it this far, you have officially read a load of nonsense.

Let me know what you have been loving too ❤

From, A Hart x


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