My T2 Masterclass

Nope, this isn’t about the film or the 2007 hit ‘Heartbroken’.

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Last Thursday saw an exciting visit for me to Meadowhall. This time, I wasn’t going on a big shopping spree, or eating my feelings in comfort food – I was actually going for a tea masterclass. This is a) something I would never have the opportunity to do and b) HOW COOL?!

So, it was a roasting hot day, and I had sat on two buses to travel into Meadowhall. It’s safe to say I was pretty warm. I was worried that I’d be surrounded by hot drinks, all of which I’d be too warm to really appreciate. However, I forgot that iced tea exists…duh. That thing the cool kids buy from Starbucks? The popular, lighter-option? Yeah. Talk about being naive here.

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Walking into the store is like walking into a designer’s paradise. I mentioned how gorgeous the packaging is and the store itself, as my inner graphic designer couldn’t quite keep quiet about it. Abby, one of the two lovely ladies guiding me through my tea adventure (that’s what we’re calling it now), mentioned that the company was founded by Maryanne Shearer, who studied design and pattern making. It makes sense. The place breaks no design rules. You’ll have to visit to see what I mean!

Anyway so, initially I was greeted by Alexis and Abby who told me to help myself to any of the teas which were out and available for sampling. I nearly almost ‘heart-eye emojied’ at the iced tea (I was really hot, ok). So obviously, I went for one of those first. I can’t remember everything I tried (as there are A LOT. I think it was mentioned they had around 180 teas in store? But there are EVEN MORE). I remember especially an ice tea which was strawberries and cream flavoured. oh ma gaaaad – it was perfect. Just what I needed. So basically, they let me lose around their tester-teas and it was super. I love the fact that before you buy the tea in store, you can try it and see if you like it. You can’t do this in supermarkets!

So, onto the actual masterclass. Placed to one side of the store was a small bar-type area where the session was based. Abby showed me all sorts of their products, everything from intricately laser-cut tea infusers, metallic flasks (which keep tea hot/ or cold for 6 hours!), bone china and tea makers. Basically, if there is a piece of kit you want for tea making, T2 will have it. And they will probably have it in a variation of colours and designs because who wants bland kitchen-ware?

Before this session, I was a lose-leaf tea virgin, apart from one time I tried and horrifically failed. I basically swore by tea bags, and while T2 also sell their tea in tea bags, lose leaf is their thang. Abby showed me how easy it is. I think a lot of people are put off by lose leaf tea as it can seem a bit of a ‘faff’ – but it’s not! Fill up an infuser with a small amount, pour the water, wait and you’re good to go. You just replace the teabag with the infuser. Simples.


Abby asked me what kind of flavours I like, I mentioned that I love peppermint tea, anything fruity or sweet, anything lemony and I also mentioned I liked the odd chai-tea latte. Abby was like a tea-magician. She knew her stuff and was able to create these wonderful teas containing the flavours I LOVE. She even mentioned that a combination of their Peppermint tea and Fruitalicious tea had been created the day before and asked me if I would like to try it. She brewed it up, iced style, and it was legit the most refreshing thing I had had in a very long time. I normally drink fruit teas and peppermint teas hot, so to try them iced was a whole new experience. She also made me a full cup of it which kept me refreshed while I walked around Meadowhall afterwards (spending money I shouldn’t be spending…)

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While the product range is impressive, one thing you can’t fault T2 Meadowhall on is their customer service. My experience in store was incredible – it was like talking to friends. Abby and Alexis were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the products they had on offer. You can tell the brand really cares.

I’ve listed below the products I came away with (**part gifted, part purchased) and some of my favourite other products I’ll be going back for in the future!

Thank you, T2 ❤

What I came away with:

Fruitalicious Tea – (gifted)


Peppermint Tea –


Infuser – (gifted)


Bamboo scoop –



Tea-maker –


Flask –


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