May Favourites



So it’s now June! I have been so excited for this month for a number of reasons. Firstly, I turn 21 (on the 21st too!), I have my degree shows and I also have the month completely free to do as I wish before I start my new job in July! May has been a great month for products. I have been able to get lots of new goodies into my collection!

My first favourite is a new foundation! I’m really picky when it comes to foundation as I have such dry skin. I have always heard such amazing things about the Avon true colour foundation. I haven’t used Avon products in years. I always had this idea that Avon products were pricey and hard to get hold of. My mum used to have an Avon rep come round with a catalogue now and then when I was younger; I thought this was the only way to get the products. As I got older, I guess I forgot about the brand until I started seeing reviews of the Avon Foundation. I was so pleased to see that the foundation I wanted was only £7! I ordered the lightest shade available as that usually seems to be a perfect fit. When it arrived, I was so impressed to see how much bang you get for your buck. It’s a beautifully smooth, glass bottle which feels so luxurious. The product itself is amazingly blendable. I used my beauty blender and it creates a gorgeous demi-matte high coverage finish. It is one of my new favourite products I own. Check it out here.


While browsing the Avon website, I remembered a pillow spray my mum used to use to help me go to sleep. When I was in primary school/early secondary school, I struggled to get to sleep. I hated being in pitch black and would panic at any slight noise I heard. Sometimes, my mum would come into my room and spray some of this spray which would help calm me down. I found it again while shopping for my foundation and decided to pick a bottle up as it was so reasonably priced (£1.99!!). As soon as I received it, I sprayed it onto my pillow and it was such a nostalgic smell! It also made me feel all calm and chilled out. I’ve been sleeping extra well recently (we’re talking 9-10 hours per night) and I have the spray to thank for! Check it out here.

Along the subject of sleep, one of the other ways I like to fall asleep fast is to eliminate every source of light. I’m back living at home and I have quite a small room, so I don’t like to keep the door closed all of the time. At night time, there are often lights on as people are still up and awake – I’m usually the first asleep. I thought about investing in an eye mask. I always thought these were a bit unnecessary, but that didn’t stop me browsing eBay for an embroiled and personalised one…oh yes. Go hard or go home. I bought mine from this link and I love it! The only con is that I take it off in my sleep and lose it down the side of my bed!

The final product for my favourites is a blush by Freedom makeup. I’m just going to throw it out there, it’s £1! £1! It is super pigmented and packs an amazing glow. It works as a blush and a highlight too. I love to use this blush on top of my contour for a bit of a colourful glow. The shade I love is ‘Beyond’ and I recommend it!


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