Nourish yourself this summer.


Photo by Emily Redfearn. 


When we put the words ‘healthy foods’ and ‘Sheffield’ together, there is only one place I could name. Im sure, in most cafes and restaurants you could find a ‘lighter’ option, but when it comes to places backed with research, dedication and so so much effort, there is only one place which sits on the ‘healthy food’ throne – Nourish.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Nourish is a healthy fast food eatery founded here in Sheffield. Their website reads, “Our passion for good food and helping people is genuine, we want to prove that fast food can be healthy, and not all fast food companies are driven by money. We want to be proud of doing something different, and to have built a team that shares our passion for making a difference.”

I was lucky enough to be invited to sample some of their menu in their brand new Ecclesall Road store. Based seconds away from Sheffield Hallam’s Collegiate campus, Nourish is a relief for students craving ‘proper food’ after living off meal deals and takeaways. It is also in a prime location for not just students too – there is a product for everyone.

Now, I’m a picky eater. A lot of this has stemmed from my issues with IBS. I grew up playing a ‘food roulette’ – not knowing what would trigger a painful experience and what wouldn’t. When I knew we would be tasting the menu, I did panic a little, as I’m not one to say I dislike food when someone has cooked it for me. I didn’t need to panic – everything was absolutely stunning. I was full after the second serving.

The evening consisted of taster dishes from their latest menu.


The nutritional brains behind Nourish is David Stache, who helped to host the blogger event alongside two other friendly members of staff. He introduced each dish and explained the benefits and importance of the ingredients. Not only was my stomach made happy, but also my brain!


A few of the dishes we tried were the Nourish Bowl, Jerk Salmon, Sweet potato with Moroccan meatballs (my personal fave!), Sweet potato with super greens & Kimchi, Coconut Lentil curry and also a delicious green smoothie. Check out the menu here for a better idea!

One thing which I was especially impressed by was that David mentioned all of the ways they experimented to perfect their baked sweet potato. As a girl who, (I’m sorry food lovers) microwaves her sweet potato, I was impressed to hear they tried different ovens, methods, times, heats etc to refine their recipe.

Each dish was bursting with exciting flavours and wholesome ingredients. It’s the sort of food which you feel good for eating. The food you are glad you have eaten, instead of that mac and cheese you thought about getting from the shop instead.


While my favourite main dish was the meatball topped sweet potato, my eyes lit up when I noticed a sweet dish being served up. I have THE BIGGEST sweet tooth. Often when it comes to eating well, my downfall is chocolatey treats. I was so happy to see desert based treats which weren’t going to make me feel guilty.

We were served both a chocolate mousse and a brownie. The chocolate mousse was made is AVOCADO! And IT WORKS. It is incredible, and so is the brownie. In fact, it was one of the best brownies I have ever tasted. It was beautifully soft and packed full of flavour.

When we picture our country, we don’t imagine Sheffield being a pioneer city of fun, exciting, affordable healthy eating. I believe that Nourish is slowly helping to bring Sheffield to the ‘health-map’.

If I haven’t already listed enough temptations, here is a few more things about the brand, which I want to include. They have a ‘pay it forward’ scheme – meaning you can purchase a good meal for a homeless person in Sheffield. How incredible? Nourish also just want to help people. While they are a business, they are a group of people who care about the wellbeing of the people of Sheffield.

Finally, to finish my blog post, Nourish houses some incredible artistic features created by my best friend and illustrator, Emily Redfearn. Emily initially worked front of house at the city centre branch and now is the name behind the magnificent typographic and artistic features.



Photo by Emily Redfearn. 

So when you’re next out and about and looking for a place to eat, consider Nourish. You won’t be disappointed. It has been tried and tested – and given my thumbs up!



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