When we met Monsieur Big


Have you ever rummaged through your mums makeup bag to see what you could find? I know that growing up, I certainly did. My mum has never been one to ‘collect’ makeup like I do, she only has what she needs for a day to day basis. While her makeup bag may not be bursting out of the seams, what she does own is good stuff. Estée Lauder, Loreal, to name a couple and also, Lancôme.

Lancôme is one of those iconic brands which everyone knows. Their deluxe skincare, fragrances and cosmetics have constantly been at the top of the game for 83 years. I’ve always known Lancôme to be an exceptional brand as almost every woman in my family has owned one of their products. Considering everyone has different tastes, that’s a pretty solid fact.


Even though we may associate the Lancôme products with the more mature lady, there is no reason why this must stop someone my age from using them. There is no ‘age membership’ to Lancôme and this is demonstrated not only through their versatile products and diverse colour shades, but their spokespeople such as Lily Collins and newbie, Taylor Hill.

Taylor Hill is the face of Lancomes new ‘it’ mascara, Monsieur Big. (It’s fine, we all giggled too). Myself, Alice and Siobhan were invited to meet Monsieur Big to see what he was all about… The new mascara, and associating product range, is set to rival the likes of Benefit and other brands with a stronger young market. We were able to see the products before anyone else on their launch day. Cased in luxury glossy black tubes, the Mr Big range certainly hits the high standard Lancôme sets itself. You’re not just investing in a new piece of makeup, but a piece that will sit proudly on your dressing table or in your makeup bag.

The new mascara promises 24 hour wear, XXL lashes, X12 more volume and an intense black shade. I got to try it on my lashes, and I really liked it!

Lancôme Make-Up artist Jo Brimble applied the new range to a model at the counter for us to see what the range was all about. She gave us tonnes of tips and tricks including using bronzer in the crease of your eye and using concealer to pre-map your winged eyeliner.


Jo was also joined alongside Janet, another lovely lady who works on the Lancôme counter in Sheffield’s John Lewis. Both Jo and Janet were lovely and really made us feel at home with complimentary juices and goodie bags. It was such a nice, relaxed event. We were even free to play with the make-up after the demonstration – every girls dream?!

My favourite product from the launch was 100% the highlight pencil. It is PERFECT for going under the brows and a little on the cupids bow. I will be purchasing one as soon as I get paid.

Alongside the mascara there is a liquid marker style eyeliner, (which creates a fine line or a thick line depending on how you tilt the product) eyebrow pencils and highlights pencils. It is definitely all about the eyes for this new Lancome collection. Check out the full collection, available at John Lewis here.


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